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The Online Glue Gun Retailer Now Offers the Full Henkel Loctite Line of Industrial Adhesives

EDINA, MN: Today,, one of the nation’s leading online adhesive retailers, announced a new partnership with Henkel, the world’s #1 adhesives producer. Now, the array of professionals who rely on products from to power their businesses will have access to Henkel’s full line of industrial adhesives, including those distributed under the industry-leading Loctite brand.

Henkel’s popular, trusted adhesives have just become available alongside the entire catalog of products, which includes glue guns and related accessories, as well as hundreds of varieties of epoxy, cyanoacrylate, super glue, hot melt and other application-specific goods.

The adhesives manufactured by Henkel and Loctite are so powerful that aerospace engineers use them to join vital airplane parts together, such as engine components, wing flaps and internal fittings – and Loctite products were even trusted for use in the construction of America’s iconic space shuttles.  The glues that were good enough to protect astronauts and sensitive equipment from the powerful shocks of lift-off and the harsh vacuum of space are now available to professionals and hobbyists in a score of industries and markets across the world. Henkel and Loctite products are perfect for countless applications, whether in small projects and repairs, construction, remodeling, caulking, sealing, mechanical, automotive, or any other of the many industries that use adhesives on a daily basis.

While the Henkel and Loctite expansions are the latest additions to, they are far from the site’s first. systematically deepens, develops and diversifies its product line on an ongoing basis in an effort to offer the best quality to its users at the best price.  Visit the homepage today to review their wide array of adhesives, or read more at the blog.

About is an online adhesives retailer comprised of a group of self-described “glue nerds” based in Edina, Minnesota, committed to making a large group of products across a wide range of industries easy to browse – and easy to access.  Close relationships with the world’s top adhesive product manufacturers, developed over more than 25 years in business, have made an industry leader in its own right. Read more about at

About Henkel:  Not satisfied with being the world’s #1 adhesives producer (or the home of one the world’s most trusted adhesives brand, Loctite) Henkel is also the producer of some of America’s most well-loved products, such as Dial soap, Purex detergent and got2b hair styling products.  Read more about Henkel at and

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