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That new car smell. The feel of soft leather. The purr of horsepower. A car isn’t simply a vehicle, it is a work of art, an expression of your personality, and a memory maker. Whether your fondest memories are duct taping your side mirror back on to your ’86 Chevy or feeling the weight of new Maserati keys in the palm of your hand, we know your car goes where you go.

Every car junkie knows that craftsmanship and dependability are the hallmark of a well-made vehicle. Adhesive takes manufacturing to the next level by making quality design more consistent, more efficient, and more cost effective. You’ll see adhesives being used in bonding, sealing, and assembly – all of which make a touch of luxury more accessible.

BODY: Those sleek lines that you love and seamless paneling are often held in place with hot melt adhesive. The advantages of using hot melt keeps production speed up, while staying in tight regulation with industry safety standards.

DOORS: Doors are complex. They are the gateway into your vehicle. They create a quiet, smooth ride and give your passengers control over their in-car experience. Adhesives bring trim materials to life, window and power seat controls into alignment, and seal sound and weather resistant materials in place.

SUNROOFS, MOONROOFS AND CONVERTIBLES: Everyone loves the feel of wind blowing through their hair on a summer day. Whether you prefer to ride with your top down or the moonroof open, adhesives are responsible for keeping your focus on the driving experience instead of the wind or rain outside the vehicle. When you close your sunroof or put the top back up, pressure sensitive hot-melt adhesive creates tight seals that make this experience a smooth one year round. 

CARPET: We take this versatile, durable feature for granted. Your carpet gets a lot of love – and sometimes that’s tough love. Adhesive guards against buckling due to moisture accumulation from snowy boots, curling thanks to dog’s helpful paws, or wrinkles from sneakers. Without adhesive, you might just have to think about your carpet. 

Adhesive is a versatile tool that brings your car and your car's memories to life so seamlessly that you don't even realize it. Now that's craftsmanship.  

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