3M Cubitron II Abrasives

If you’re a perfectionist like we are, you know it’s all about the details. Which is why 3M’s Cubitron II Abrasive Technology caught our eye. This world-class family of products will help you grind, sand, and buff your projects to perfection. 3M’s new, abrasive technology cuts back on time and pressure needed to finish your projects while increasing your tools’ lifespan. Unlike most things in life, this technology is not too good to be true because perfection isn’t unattainable when you have technology on your side.

3M’s Cubitron II Abrasive family uses triangular-shaped finishing grain to deliver unparalleled cutting and grinding results. Each grain is electrostatically oriented to form razor sharp peaks that all slice in concert together. The results are remarkably even and precise. Your tools will wear down more slowly (and more evenly) because each granular blade leverages the one next to it to maximize impact while minimizing effort. The precision-shaped ceramic grains also sharpen themselves as they fracture as part of the natural wear and tear process, much like a whetstone.

Now that we have your attention, let’s get to the good stuff. Where can you find this technology?


Cut and gind wheels are the bread and butter of the Cubitron II Abrasive family. These wheels will instantaneously boost your shop productivity and reduce worker fatigue. Designed with versatility in mind, the wheels can be used for projects requiring a depressed center wheel or a cut-off wheel. You’re the boss. If you’re grinding twice as fast as your competitors, you’re making twice as much money as they are. It’s just simple math. 


3M also offers everything you need for ultra-precise right angle systems. Whether you’re grinding, finishing metal surfaces, or weld blending, Cubitron technology will get the job done faster. The company’s robust line of pneumatic power tools and disc systems are unbeatable when compared to competitors in terms of weight, durability, and ease of use. The precision and ease of the Cubitron system makes it a perfect choice for metalworking and is chosen twice as often than other brands by industry professionals.


For woodwork or low-tomedium pressure projects, Cubitron II Abrasive Belts can’t be beat. 3M offers a wide range of belts made for a variety of surfaces such as wood, heat-sensitive metals, and steel. Globally recognized as the gold standard for speed and longevity, these abrasive belts are built to outlast even the toughest applications. 


If you were impressed by the speed of Cubitron II Abrasive Technology, imagine streamlining the grinding and blending process into one, simple step. With 3M’s flap discs you can make your life easier by combining these processes. Use less pressure and enjoy more comfort - with Cubitron technology you really can have it all.


Last but not least, we told you that 3M thought of everything. Engineered to regulate temperature and provide consistent, fine sanding results, these Cubitron II discs round out the abrasive family and make the final step of your project a breeze. 

No matter what stage of finishing you’re at or what type of surface you’re working on – Cubitron Abrasive Technology will guarantee perfection, precision and consistency. And thanks to their perfectly crafted line of products, you always know which brand to reach for when a new project comes your way.

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