3M Cubitron II Abrasive Belts

It’s no secret that 3M’s revolutionary Cubitron II Abrasive technology is all the rage in the cutting, grinding, and finishing industry. The much anticipated, wildly popular Cubitron II cutting wheels bring projects to fruition more than two times faster than competitors and boast unique, electrically aligned ceramic grains that drive consistent, high-quality results.

When Cubitron II technology is applied to abrasive belts, the result is higher cut rates at lower pressure, with cooler runs, and longer belt life. What team wouldn’t want to exert less physical force while dramatically boosting productivity? The results make choosing Cubitron technology easy. Following our step-by-step guide on how to choose the Cubitron belt that’s right for you makes it even easier.


For some people, it’s all about that bass. For abrasive belts, it’s all about those substrates. If you’re in metalwork, Cubitron technology (literally) shines most when you’re looking for high-performance results or using substrates that traditionally take a high amount of effort to finish. The 947A Cubitron II Abrasive Belt is the way to go if you’re working with aluminum, tool, carbon, or stainless steel.

For woodworkers, we recommend the 991FZ or 990FZ Cubitron II cloth belts. 3M crafts these abrasive belts with closed coat construction to extend belt life and enhance your results. For extra support, all belts are reinforced with ZF or YF cloth backing.


Cubitron II Abrasive Belts can be used with a variety of file belt tools, bench top sanders, inline sanders, and more. The versatility of 3M’s Cubitron technology allows you to augment your performance without changing how you’re already working. Whether you’re finishing metal or wood, most craftsmen saw a 30% increase in cutting time and enjoyed 4x longer belt life when compared to the competition. Those increases didn’t include new tools or increased resources. Just a belt swap. No matter what tool you’re using, Cubitron technology gets the job done better and faster.


When switching to a Cubitron II Abrasive Belts, you won’t need to upgrade your tools – but you may be able to downsize your belt grain grade. Depending on your project, you may be able to choose a similar or finer belt grade for your needs while still expecting dramatic results. Because Cubitron belts use precision technology to enhance the ceramic grinding surface, you can cut out redundant grinding and finishing steps by achieving more perfect results after each pass. 

Cubitron II technology is the way of the future. Whether you want to be a trend setter, like being on the bleeding edge of innovation, or just like keeping a few extra pennies in your pocket by increasing speed and output for your company, investing in abrasive belts that work harder and longer than you need them to is a good bet.

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