Precast with hot melt

Precast concrete has many advantages for the construction industry. This style of construction allows slabs to be manufactured to the exact size off site, which saves space & time at the work site. Precast concrete is a great material for building as it's tough surface is extremely resistant to everyday dings and dents. Not to mention, precast concrete is weatherproof, it's resistant to rain penetration, windblown debris, and flood damage. Precast concrete also will withstand many winters of freeze-thaw cycles.

Quite possibly the best advantage of precast concrete is it can be made into many forms and thicknesses. Precast concrete is everywhere, buildings, road work, underground, stairs, counters, etc. Making precast concrete elements just got easier thanks to Power Adhesives Casttec precast adhesives.

Casttec hot melt adhesive is perfect for fixing structural and architectural elements onto the forms. Use Casttec for attaching foam, wood, plastic and weld plates. This hot melt adhesive is more cost effective than alternative methods like magnets, welding, bolting, nailing, silicone, double stick tape and other fastening systems. The application process is fast and easy using Power Adhesives glue guns. 

Start bonding with Casttec hot melt slugs by using one of the following heavy duty industrial glue guns TEC 3200, TEC 6100 and TEC 6300. Our top selling precast concrete glue gun is the TEC 3200, this industrial glue gun is all-electric with a 400 Watt heater and a high output. Apply Casttec hot melt with a TEC industrial glue gun in beads, dots or using a spray pattern. The Casttec hot melt remains tacky for up to 3 minutes after it's been applied, giving you the option to re-position if more precise positioning is necessary.


Are you interested in Casttec hot melt slugs?  Why not check out our Precast Concrete Manual Glue Gun & Adhesive Kit, Precast Concrete Pneumatic Glue Gun & Adhesive Kit or our Precast Concrete Pneumatic Spray Glue Gun & Adhesive Kit to get started today. also supplies silicone for precast applications call us for a quote 855-437-7700.



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