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Posted on April 14, 2013 by Gluegun.com | 1 comment

Gluegun.com is proud to announce that we are 3M Glue Gun Repair center. Our 3M Glue gun specialists can help diagnose your issue and determine if your 3M Polygun needs to be sent in for repair. We stock many of the 3M glue gun parts which helps speed up turn around times, getting you up and running faster. 

How It Works

If we determine that your 3M hot melt gun needs to be sent in for repair, we send you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to return your gun to our repair facility. More details on the simple return process can be found on our Repair Page. We charge a small diagnosis fee which includes general maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes this initial diagnosis will resolve the issue you we will simply ship your 3M glue gun back to you. 

If additional spare parts or work is required, we will issue you a quote based on time and materials so you know exactly what it will cost to get your applicator back up and running. This will help you to determine weather or not repair is the best option for you and help you compare the cost of repair vs purchasing a new 3M glue gun.


Diagnosis fees are based on the 3M Glue Gun model. If the diagnosis fee does not resolve your issue, a quote will be issued based on time and materials.

3M Polygun AE - Diagnosis Fee $15

3M Polygun TC or LT - Diagnosis Fee $25

3M Polygun EC - Diagnosis Fee $35

3M Polygun PG II or PG II LT - Diagnosis Fee $60

Additional Resources

Feel like a savvy do it your selfer?  You can find the complete list of spare parts for the 3M Polygun's in our 3M Spare Parts Section. Contact us with questions or visit our repair page to start the repair process on your 3M hot melt applicator. 


  • susan reynolds

    3m scotch weld quad rack converter has been dropped and glue sticks will not feed. I’d like to have it cleaned and tightened up


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