Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixer Buying Guide

Choose the perfect Sulzer Mixpac static mixer.

The world of static mixers can be a little confusing because of the huge selection of options out there which is why we have put together our list of the top selling Sulzer static mixers. This informational will help determine the best Sulzer mix nozzle for your adhesive or application. 

Sulzer Bayonet Mixers

Bayonet mixers refer to the type of attachment used to connect to your adhesive cartridge. Bayonet style is very common and Sulzer offers a wide variety of Bayonet mixer options. If you are looking for a standard 50 mil mixer for 1:1 or 2:1 dispensing, check out the Sulzer MAH 06-21T. Otherwise, the other popular bayonet style mixers are as follows.

Sulzer Quadro Mixers

Quadro mixers have become more popular in the last few years because of their excellent mixing capabilities. These mixers tend to be square in shape and shorter than their traditional mixer counterparts. This allows users to get closer to the materials they are bonding for more precise dispensing.

Sulzer Quadro Mixers

Sulzer Bell Mixers

Bell mixers are often used in meter mix applications and are attached using locking nut. These mixers are typically inexpensive, reliable and good for every day use. Sulzer has a variety of Bell attachment mixers. The bell mixer can also be used in conjunction with a metal sheath for high pressure applications for safety and higher performance dispensing. 

Still stuck on which mixer is right for you? Contact us to discuss the specific needs or your application and we'll help find the best static mixer for your job and budget. You can also find our complete list of static mixers from all of the top manufacturers here.

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