What Can You Use PAMTite Glue Sticks For?

When it comes to PAMTite glue sticks the options are almost endless. These mind-blowing glue sticks conquer many difficult to bond substrates with ease. This article will address some of the applications where PamTITE really sets itself apart from a more traditional, general purpose glue stick. 

PAMTite Glue Stick Advantages

Speed - Other adhesives may take up to 24 hours to cure. PAMTite is fast, making it possible for installers to finish the job all at once instead of having to come back another day.

Strength - A great example is the fact that carpet tack strips adhered with PAMTite can be power stretched in 5 minutes

Versatility - PAMTite can bond to almost any substrate. Use it to fix a problem quickly and walk away feeling confident it will stay in place.

What is the top use for PAMTite adhesives?

Flooring Applications

What are common flooring applications for PAMTite glue sticks?

  • Hollow spot filling
  • Hardwood board replacement
  • Hardwood starter rows
  • T-molding and bull nosing
  • Tack strips to concrete

Other applications for PAMTite

Used PAMTite adhesive for metal, vinyl, or wood transition strips, add moldings or decorative trim, great for ceramic and tile repair and works well on PVC, PE, PP and other plastics. How do you know if PAMTite is right for your application? Test them! Gluegun.com offers PAMTite in an affordable 1lb size, perfect for testing them in your application before purchasing larger quantities. We also recommend you apply these glue sticks with the PAM HB220 glue gun for optimal performance. 

Questions? Contact us to discuss your application and find the perfect adhesive for your needs and budget. 

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