Surebonder MGG electric motorized glue gun

Surebonder is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesive products, fastenings, and accessories, specializing in industrial glue products, hardware including glue and staple guns, and floral and craft tools and adhesives. The experts at Surebonder have worked hard to bring their customers new and innovative products, including dual temperature glue guns, and can customize any product to fit our customers’ specific wants and needs. And now Surebonder has taken the next step in innovation in the industrial adhesives industry with the Motorized 450, 500, and 600 series glue gun, available now at

The Motorized electric glue gun series is the first electric motor-driven glue gun available on the market. Its unique design and innovative technology allows the user more power, speed, and control than has ever been available by any other comparable product on the market. The Motorized glue gun series offers optimal performance for all of your repetitive maximum-output application needs. The continuous feed allows you to dispense the exact amount of adhesive needed, without causing operator fatigue, and can be applied using 7/16”, 5/8”, and ¾” size glue sticks.

Output and Performance

Depending on which model you are using, the Motorized series allows the user to dispense between 5.5lb and 11.6lb of adhesive per hour. The technology also features a maximum no-load pushing speed of 12-17 inches, or 310-430mm/minute. This drastically improves your productivity, and allows you the maximum amount of control and speed offered by any other glue gun on the market. To determine which model will be suite your needs, see the product specifications listed below.

Product Features and Specifications

Along with its unique, innovative electric motor technology, the Surebonder motorized glue gun series also includes a number of standard and newly designed features. These include the stable base and rubber trigger grip, as well as the lighted On/Off switch and LED “Ready” light to indicate the gun is ready for use. The Motorized series also features an interchangeable tip that allows for the use of a number of accessory nozzles, and none of the models require the use of compressed air. A built-in auto-reverse feature also prevents any unwanted adhesive drippings, so you never have to worry about cleaning spills or not getting the most of your adhesive supply.

The Motorized series features three separate models, the 450, 500, and 600, all designed to help you handle any job or application imaginable. The exact specifications for each model are listed below.

Model            Glue Stick Dia.         WattsStick    Speed per Minute   Output

MGG-450                7/16”                      450               17”/430mm            5.5lbs/hr

MGG-500                5/8”                        500               14.5”/370mm         8.4lbs/hr

MGG-600                3/4”                        600                12”/310mm          11.6lbs/hr

Surebonder Glue Rolls

Surebonder, along with its entire line of cordless, professional, and industrial glue guns, also manufactures an entire line of nozzles and accessories, which you can find here at One of their more recent accessory items is the Standard and Mini 5ft all-temperature Glue Roll. Both sizes easily insert into your glue gun and are ideal for craft and professional projects, as well as the everyday DIY project. The Glue Roll can be cut to any desired length, features a clear color, and can be used for low, duel, and high temperature glue guns. It is ideal for projects involving wood, metal, fabric, paper, floral, lace, and ribbon and is manufactured right here in the US.

Surebonder continues to be an innovative leader in the industrial hot melt industry. They are dedicated to continue working to bring you the highest quality products at the best prices through their retail and merchant distributors, including For more information regarding the Motorized glue gun series or Glue Rolls products, check out our website at or give us a call at 855-437-7700.

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