3M Glue Gun Parts and Repairs

At Gluegun.com, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality products from the biggest names in the industry. What’s more, we guarantee quality customer service and the most affordable prices available on the market. Gluegun.com has partnered with name brands like Sulzer, Surebonder, and Ad Tech to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for to handle any kind of application imaginable.

One of our other partners is 3M, who manufactures, not only an entire line of glue guns, adhesives, and accessories, but also a whole line of spare and replacement parts to help you in the unfortunate event that you experience problems with your equipment. Let’s take a closer look at 3M’s extensive product line-up and explore whether or not total replacement of damaged equipment is a more affordable investment than a simple repair.

3M Glue Guns

The professionals at 3M pride themselves on their reputation for producing durable, high quality glue guns for all of your industrial and DIY needs. 3M glue guns service an extensive range of applications, and can help you handle any application in any industry. Gluegun.com offers 3M’s entire line-up of glue guns, which vary in design based on application, dispensing needs, and price. Let’s take a closer look at 3M’s glue gun models that you can find here at Gluegun.com.

  1. 3M Polygun AE II Glue Gun (3M 965943) – entry level, 200 watt glue gun utilizing ½” glue sticks with an output of 3.5lbs/hour; warms up in 5 minutes, and features low and standard temperature versions. Priced at $67.00.
  2. 3M Polygun TC Glue Gun (3M 82244) – light industrial applicator for mid volume projects. Features dispense rate of 3.5lbs/hr, uses 5/8” x 2” glue sticks, and is available in low-temp version. Priced at $145.00.
  3. 3M Polygun LT Glue Gun (3M 82245) – low temperature, light industrial applicator. Features dispense rate of 3.5lbs/hr, uses 5/8” x 2” glue sticks, and is only model glue gun by any company to offer gummy glue in glue stick form. Priced at $145.00.
  4. 3M Polygun TC Glue Gun with Quadrack Converter (3M 89445) – light industrial applicator for mid volume projects. Utilizes 5/8" X 8" glue sticks and can dispense up to 3.5lbs of hot melt adhesive per hour. Also available in low temp. Priced at $165.00.
  5. 3M Polygun LT Glue Gun with Quadrack Converter (3M 89447) – low temperature light industrial applicator great for mid volume hot melt projects. Features dispense rate of 3.5lbs/hr, and uses 3M’s specially formulated 5/8" X 8" glue sticks. Also available in standard temperature. Priced at $165.00.
  6. 3M Polygun EC Glue Gun (3M 89519) – industrial glue gun great for high volume applications. Features adjustable temperature control for both standard and low temp glue sticks, a dispense rate of 5.5lbs/hour, and utilizes 3M’s specially formulated 5/8” x 8” glue sticks. Priced at $395.00.
  7. 3M Polygun II Pnuematic Glue Gun – industrial glue gun using 1" X 3" glue sticks or "slugs" and has a dispense rate of up to 6lbs/hour. Available in both low and standard temperature. Priced at $995.00

3M Spare Parts

3M offers some of the most affordable prices on the market for their light-industrial and large-industrial glue guns, but what happens if you have to repair, or replace your glue gun altogether? While the majority of 3M’s light-industrial glue guns are incredibly inexpensive, some of their more popular, large-industrial glue guns, like the Polygun EC Glue Gun and the Polygun II Pneumatic Glue Gun, are considerably more expensive and will cost a significant amount of money to completely replace.

For this reason, 3M has also produced an entire line-up of glue gun accessories and spare parts to take the burden off of your wallet when it comes to dealing with equipment repairs. You can find the entire line-up of spare and replacement parts and kits offered by 3M at Gluegun.com. Let’s compare a few glue gun models and their featured repair kits to see what kind of savings 3M repair kits can get you over a total gun replacement.  

Polygun II Pnuematic Glue Guns

  1. 3M 9200 PG II Trigger Repair Kit

Dealing with a faulty trigger is annoying, but it still isn’t reason enough to spend more than you should on a repair. The 3M 9200 PG II Trigger Repair Kit is only $42.80, and is easy to use to replace faulty or damaged triggers, especially on the 11-20 3M PG II pneumatic glue guns, total replacement of which will cost upwards of $1000 to replace. That’s a savings of more than $900.00.

  1. 3M 9204 PG II Regulator Repair Kit

Like the heat shield, the regulator is an important component of your equipment. It’s also incredibly simple to replace. This model is commonly used for issues with the 3M PG II pneumatic glue gun, which can cost up to $995.00 to completely replace. This repair kit comes in at only $176.00, saving you more than $800.00 on a simple repair.

Polygun TC Glue Guns

  1. 3M 9283 TC Heater Thermostat TCO Repair Kit

Even though the thermostat is not as crucial a component as the heat shield or trigger, a faulty thermostat on your 3M TC glue gun can be a major headache. The TC model glue guns from 3M are priced at $145.00/unit.  However, the thermostat repair kit costs only $45.51, which means you save more than $95.00 in replacement equipment.

  1. 3M 9238 TC Feeder Repair Kit

Like a broken trigger or thermostat, a faulty feeder can be a really aggravating, and more pressing problem. After all if the feeder isn’t working then how can you expect to dispense any material? Thankfully the Feeder Repair Kit is easy to use and only costs $23.95 at Gluegun.com, saving more than $140.00 in replacement parts.

Polygun EC Glue Gun

  1. 3M EC Glue Gun Handle & Controller Repair Kit

This EC Glue Gun Repair Kit includes a circuit board, RH handle assembly, LH handle assembly, e-ring, en, clip, six handle screws, a spring, trigger, pin, and heat block inserts. You can use this kit to replace the temperature controlling circuit in your gun, which should fix your heating problem. The EC repair kit comes in at only $170.00, so you save more than $200 on a replacement gun.

  1. 3M EC Glue Gun Transport Mechanism Repair Kit

A faulty transport mechanism in your glue gun most likely means that you are getting little or no adhesive flow from your cartridge, and may require cleaning of the transport mechanism. You can use a citrus-based cleaner do remove dirt and grime, but if the entire transport mechanism needs replacing, this repair kit will only cost you $93.00, as opposed to spending $300 more dollars on a brand new EC glue gun.

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