A Guide To Premixed & Frozen Epoxy Adhesives 

A Prefix To Premixed Epoxy

From electronic to medical applications, epoxy adhesives are a versatile and durable material used in a wide range of projects. But prepping epoxy, a two-part component, can be time-consuming and messy. This is where premixed and frozen epoxy adhesives come in handy.

In this blog, we'll go over premixed and frozen epoxy, including what it is, why one would use it in place of traditional epoxy, and all the benefits it has to offer. 

What Is Premixed & Frozen Epoxy?

As its name suggests, premixed and frozen epoxy is epoxy resin and hardener that is mixed, poured into containers, and then flash-frozen before it is shipped and stored. When ready to use, it can be thawed and dispensed as usual. 

Often supplied in pre-portioned syringes, premixed and frozen epoxy is ideal for applications where precision and efficiency are needed. Such as: 

  • Electronic repair, staking, and thermal insulation
  • Dental and medical device bonding
  • Small-scale industrial applications

While traditional epoxy systems are valuable in their own rights for various applications, epoxy syringes have been shown to reduce the risk of contamination — making them the preferred choice for sensitive or sterile application needs. 

The Benefits Of Premixed & Frozen Epoxy

Processing a two-part epoxy system is not only tedious but can leave a lot of room for errors. With frozen premixed epoxy syringes, you get the benefit of: 

  • Convenience: The premixed and frozen epoxy can be dispensed right out of the packaging or stored for later use. 
  • Stability: Premixing and freezing the epoxy extends its shelf life and allows it to be used at a later date without diminishing its curing properties.
  • Efficiency: The frozen syringes arrive with the proper amount of product already measured out and mixed to save you time.
  • Consistency: Buying premixed epoxy means you'll get the same consistency and outcome every time you use it. 

Using premixed and frozen epoxy can also eliminate waste. Rather than mixing up large batches of products you may not use completely, you can have more control by selecting a syringe with the appropriate volume for your project. 

Infinity Bond’s Complete Line Of Premixed & Frozen Epoxy

There are no shortages of brands to choose from when it comes to premixed and frozen epoxy, but it's important to shop a brand you can trust. 

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How To Store Premixed Frozen Epoxy

To prevent damage or premature curing to the product, premixed frozen epoxy is typically shipped next day air with dry ice in an insulated container. Upon arrival, you must transfer the syringes as quickly as possible to a freezer with a temperature of negative 40 degrees for storage. 

Take care to handle each frozen epoxy syringe only at its tip or flange unless wearing insulating gloves. Touching the barrel of the syringe with your bare hands can cause the product to pull away, resulting in trapped air and moisture that can lead to dispensing and curing issues. Finally, whether you are thawing the product for immediate use or storing it, it's important to keep the syringes vertical using either a holder or rack. 

As for thawing, times can vary depending on the syringe's size and the amount of product inside. But generally, you want the epoxy to reach room temperature before applying it. For the best results, however, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions. 

Don't Let Frozen Premixed Epoxy Intimidate You 

We know that this type of epoxy can seem intimidating, especially when it comes to its storage and handling. But don't let that stop you from experiencing the efficiency and cost savings that the product can provide.  

If you're ready to try premixed and frozen epoxy for your next project but are still unsure where to begin, connect with one of our adhesive experts for all the resources you need to get started. 

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