Complete Guide to Bonding Metals with Structural Adhesives

In certain projects or applications, you may need to fasten two or more pieces of metal together without bolting, soldering or welding them. Fortunately, there are special adhesives on the market, perfectly formulated for gluing metal. In this article we will highlight our top metal bonding adhesives by category - we have just what you need for your next metal bonding application!

At, we carry a complete product portfolio of Henkel Loctite products, engineered to meet a wide range of industrial metal bonding, sealing and assembly requirements. Check out our Bonding Metals 101 article for tips, advice and more!

Our structural adhesives for metal bonding are available in easy-to-use packages for hand-held, manual, and semi-automated applications, including cartridges, syringes, soft-squeeze bottles and dual cartridges for two-part formulations. Need larger packages? Contact us to inquire about bulk pricing. 

Our Loctite products are formulated to meet the rising demands in assembly design and maintenance repair for: 

  • High performance structural bonding
  • Multi-surface structural bonding
  • Dissimilar substrate structural bonding
  • Low hazard structural adhesives

Benefits of Structural Adhesives

Optimized to meet the demands of today's lower cost, high strength and lighter weight metal fabricating requirements.

  • Elimination or significant reduction of costly mechanical fastening methods
  • Improved aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Filling of large gaps between parts
  • User-friendly packaging

Recommended Product Guide for Metal Bonding

General Metal Bonders

Henkel Loctite AA H8000 - Longer Work Time

Henkel Loctitie AA H8000 Speedbonder Structural Adhesive is a green, 2-part, non-sag, room temperature curing MMA (methacrylate acrylic) adhesive. It offers excellent bond strength to metals, plastics and composites. Loctite AA H8000 has a fast-fixture time and provides high elongation with excellent cold temperature impact strength. If you are looking for an adhesive with resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures, then Henkel Loctite AA H8000 Speedbonder Structural Adhesive is just what you are looking for.

Henkel Loctite AA H4500 - Fast Work Time

Loctite AA H4500 is a gray, 2-part thixotropic, methacrylate adhesive system that forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures. It is suitable on substrates such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, epoxy-coated metal, SMC and plastics.


Henkel Loctite AA H8600 - Galvanized Steel Bonder

Loctite AA H8600 is a blue, 2-part, viscous, methacrylate-based, acrylic adhesive specially designed for bonding galvanized steel. This structural adhesive provides excellent shear strength, at ambient temperatures while still maintaining strength at high temperatures as well. Loctite AA H8600 can be applied horizontally or vertically as required. Use Loctite AA H8600 for long-term durable bonds to galvanized steel applications. 


Henkel Loctite AA H8500 Ultra-Tough Steel Bonder

Loctite AA H8500 is a gray, 2-part, viscous, thixotropic, room temperature cure, methacrylate acrylic adhesive paste offering superior peel and impact strength on steel and aluminum. It contains 0.03 in (0.75 mm) spacer beads to help prevent excessive squeeze-out of adhesive due to over-clamping. 


Henkel Loctite AA H8100 Aluminum Bonder

Loctite AA H8100 is a green, 2-part, non-sag, room temperature curing methacrylate acrylic adhesive. It is designed to have fast fixture time and excellent bond strength on multiple substrates including metals, plastics and composites. It provides high elongation and excellent cold temperature impact strength and forms resilient bonds. It maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures.

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