Expert's Top Pick: Loctite 404 Instant Adhesive

This week's expert pick from is Loctite 404 Instant Adhesive! This cyanoacrylate or "super glue" has a low viscosity and is designed for bonding plastics and elastromeric materials where very fast fixture is required. It is our mission at to provide all of our customers with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Our "Expert's Pick" or featured products are to highlight products we believe in - and this week Loctite 404 made the list! Read ahead for a full product spotlight for this great general purpose adhesive solution!


Loctite 404 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


Features of Loctite 404 Instant Adhesive 

    • Continuously wet areas for water immersion
    • Useful in temperatures above 120°F
    • Can be combined with fiberglass cloth for a durable patch
    • Bonds difficult substrates including rubber
    • Perfect for maintenance and repairs
    • Bonds stone, concrete, fiberglass, tile, china, rigid plastics, wood, ceramic, glass and metal

      About Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

      Cyanoacrylates are one-part, room-temperature curing adhesives that are available in viscosities ranging from water-thin liquids to thixotropic gels. When pressed into a thin film between two surfaces, the moisture present on the bonding surfaces neutralizes the acid stabilizer present in the cyanoacrylate formulation, causing the adhesive to cure rapidly to form rigid thermoplastics with excellent adhesion to most substrates. Typical fixture times are 5 to 30 seconds.  

      In addition to standard cyanoacrylates, there are many specialty formulations with enhanced performance properties. 

        • Rubber toughened grades offer high peel strength and impact resistance. 
        • Thermally resistant cyanoacrylates are available which offer excellent bond strength retention after exposure to temperatures as high as 250°F for thousands of hours.
        • Surface-insensitive cyanoacrylates offer rapid fixture times and cure speeds on acidic surfaces, such as wood or dichromated metals, which could slow the cure of a standard cyanoacrylate. 
        • Low Odor/Low Bloom grades minimize the potential for white haze to occur around the bondline. 
        • Light curing cyanoacrylates utilize proprietary photoinitiators to cure cyanoacrylates in seconds when exposed to light of the appropriate wavelength.

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        Our experts at put together their top 5 tips for working with Loctite 404 Instant Adhesive: 

          1. A controlled environment is necessary for consistent fixture times. Temperature and, more importantly, relative humidity have a significant effect on cure speed. The optimum relative humidity is 40-60%. Hot and moist enviroments will result in faster cure speed, while cold and dry environments will slow the curing process.
          2. Proper storage is critical. Cyanoacrylates should be stored in a refrigerator. If cyanoacrylates are exposed to high temperatures during storage, their viscosity will rise and their cure speed will slow. Once a bottle is opened, it must not be returned to refrigerated storage. 
          3. Use equipment designed for cyanoacrylates. Because cyaoacrylates are so reactive, only equipment that has been tested for compatibility should be used to dispense them. (INSERT PRODUCT).
          4. Ensure that dry air is used for reservoirs. When dispensing cyanoacrylates from pressure reservoirs, dryers should be used to remove moisture from the air supply air, otherwise, the moisture could cause the cyanoacrylate to cure. 
          5. Ventilation may be required in some instances to minimize odor. 


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        • Instant universal adhesive
        • Very high strength on close-fitting parts
        • Works very well on a wide range of similar and dissimilar surfaces like metal, cardboard, ceramics, wood, rubber and a lot of plastic types.

        Loctite 401 instant adhesive is effective on surfaces such as wood, ceramic, glass, metal and almost all types of plastics. It dries fast and clear and sets without clamping. Another great feature of this adhesive is that it is moisture resistant as well as resistant to freezing temperatures and most chemicals. This astonishing quality level is achieved only because of Loctite's unrelenting dedication and commitment to quality, innovation and reliability. 

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        • Perfect for acidic and porous surfaces
        • Works well with plastics, rubbers and metals
        • Suitable for situations where the bond line is not horizontal or even

        Loctite 431 is a colorless, all-purpose, medium viscosity, transparent, ethyl-based instant adhesive capable of bonding all close-fitting smooth surfaces within a couple of seconds. This super glue does not need any additional clamping, heating or mixing; it has mild odor and contains no solvent while remaining low flammable and low toxic.


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