2022 U.S. Pond Hockey Champions

U.S. Pond Hockey Champions -

The nation's premier outdoor pond hockey tournament took place January 21-30, 2022 at Lake Nokomis in Minnesota. The event brings players and fans together for an incredible weekend of fun and fierce competition.

The tournament has grown in size and national notoriety since its debut in 2006. has listed it as one of the "101 things sports fans must experience before they die." Sports Illustrated called the event "perfect in every detail" - now that's pond hockey!

U.S. Pond Hockey Champions stand next to golden shovel award

Claiming the Golden Shovel

On Sunday, January 30th the team claimed the championship title with a 4 - 3 win over Lululemon. Taking home the title of Champions as well as the coveted Golden Shovel.

Final Score: 

  • - 4
  • Lululemon - 3

Golden Shovel Award

The Legend of the Golden Shovel

According to the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships website, The story of the golden shovel relates that the Vikings' exploration was not motivated by "the pillage, plunder and loot lifestyle" but instead by the desire to spread their love of sport and tradition. Apparently, during a 2005 excavation of lowlands around Lake Nokomis by University of Minnesota archeologist, Dr. Frank Bifflehoffer, a golden shovel was discovered among Viking remains. He theorizes that this shovel was used by the Vikings to clear the rinks of snow and was awarded to the champions after each pond hockey game. However, after an untimely and particularly hazardous blizzard in 1331, while attempting to use the golden shovel to clear the rink for play both the Viking “pond warriors” and their shovel were buried under layer upon layer of relentless snow. 

The Legacy Continues and their passionate group of pond hockey players go together like flannel and hotdish. Perfectly Minnesotan in every way.

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