Static Mixer Nozzles for Mixing Two-Component Adhesives

Static mix nozzles are used with both cartridge and a hand held dispenser or with a meter mix and dispense equipment (MMD). Sometimes, static mixers are also referred to as motionless mixer, these nozzles have no moving parts just a series of elements within a plastic tube. When two components are dispensed they are divided and joined repeatedly creating a uniform mix of the adhesive parts.

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Benefits of using a static mix nozzle

  • Creates consistency in the mix
  • Eliminates air from being introduced to the mix
  • Easier to maintain control of mixing versus hand mixing
  • Eliminates hand mixing

How do you choose the correct static mix nozzle?

  • Take into account the ratio of your two component adhesive (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 or in larger cylinders for MMD equipment)
  • Calculate the pressure that is necessary for mixing your components.  Higher viscosity items might require a higher force.
  • Calculate how much waste can be afforded. It's necessary to know if the adhesive left in the nozzle is more costly than your application.

Should you buy a hand held dispenser or meter mix and dispense equipment?

  • Maximum flow rate: will help you make the decision on if a hand held cartridge gun or MMD equipment is the correct choice for you.
  • Volume: Doesn't influence everything but commonly when precise controlled application is required MMD equipment is the way to go, common in assembly line applications. 
  • Application: some applications require the use of many hand held machines in numerous areas or odd spots where hand held cartridge guns are required.
  • Required Adhesives: Some applications require more than one adhesive and a lot of the time it's easier changing a cartridge than it is to change adhesives in  MMD equipment which require cleaning and purging adhesives.

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