Sulzer Mixpac Old Static Mixer Old vs New Part Numbers

Understanding the Old vs New Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixer Part Numbers

Sulzer Mixpac continues to add static mixer technology and products to their portfolio but on some of the old 'tried and true' static mixers, the only thing that has changed is the part number. It can be a little confusing searching for a part number that has changed or no longer exists so we have put together a simple comparison of the old vs new static mixer nozzle part numbers from Sulzer Mixpac.

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Check out the table below to find a complete list of old Sulzer sku and their new counterparts. Each series has it's own header to help you get to the correct section you are looking for. The part numbers are similar in most cases, however the Quadro Series Static Mixer skus were modified quite a bit. If you have any additional question please contact us 855-437-7700.

Sulzer Mixpac Mixer Technologies

Quadro Mixer Technology:

 Innovative new mixer design, the Quadro mixer allows the nozzle to be very compact & short. The unique Quadro design offers mixing elements that are doubled. The geometry of this mix nozzle in combination with the square shape makes this ideal for layer forming. As this mixer is extremely short and a very low pressure drop in comparison to other mixers.

Statomix Mixer Technology:

Offers specifically designed helical mixers available in different length and diameters to meet requirement of dispensing machines. 


Mixpac Mixer Technology: 

Built with a patented interface to ensure a clean, leak-free, and safe connection, these helical mixers work with systems K, B and F.



Old Part Numbers New Part Numbers
Static Mixers - Sulzer Quadro Series
300-002 MCQ 05-24L
300-006 MCQ 07-24T
300-026 MAQ 05-24L
300-028 MAQ 05-16L
300-341 MCQ 07-24T-12
300-364 MGQ 10-19D-21
300-375 MCQ 08-32T
300-377 MCQ 10.7-32T
300-385 MCQ 10-24T-24
300-391 MAQ 05-16L-12
300-403 MAQ 05-24L-12
300-405 MAQ 05-16L-13
300-408 MGQ 10-19A
300-415 MGQ 10-24T-12
300-43 MCQ 10-24T-14
300-453 MGQ 08-20T
300-455 MCQ 08-24T
300-461 MGQ 08-24T
300-466 MGQ 08-24D-12
300-491 MAQ 05-16L-01
300-494 MGQ 10-19D-11
300-496 MCQ 10-24T-01
300-497 MGQ 10-24D
MBQ 5.3-16-SPE MBQ 05-16L
MBQ 5.3-24-SPE MBQ 05-24L
MBQX 5.3-16-S MBQX 05-16L
MBQX 5.3-24-S MBQX 05-24L
MFQ 10.7-24 MFQ 10-24T
MFQ 5.3-16 MFQ 05-16L
MFQ 5.3-24 MFQ 05-24L
MFQ 7.5-24 MFQ 07-24T
MFQ 8.7-24 MFQ 08-24T
MFQX 10.7-24 MFQX 10-24T
MFQX 5.3-16 MFQX 05-16L
MFQX 5.3-24 MFQX 05-24L
MFQX 7.5-24 MFQX 07-24T
MFQX 8.7-24 MFQX 08-24T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MA Series
MA 0517-0413 MAH 0517-0413T
MA 3.0-07-S MAH 03-07S
MA 3.0-13-S MAH 03-13S
MA 3.0-17-S MAH 03-17S
MA 4.0-13-D MAH 04-13D
MA 4.0-13-S MAH 04-13S
MA 4.0-17-D MAH 04-17D
MA 4.0-17-S MAH 04-17S
MA 5.4-07-S MAH 05-07T
MA 5.4-13-D MAH 05-13D
MA 5.4-13-S MA 5.4-13-S
MA 5.4-13-S MAH 05-13T
MA 5.4-17-S MAH 05-17T
MA 5.4-21-S MAH 05-21T
MA 6.3-12-D MAH 06-12D
MA 6.3-12-S MAH 06-12T
MA 6.3-17-S MAH 06-17T
MA 6.3-21-L MAH 06-21L
MA 6.3-21-S MAH 06-21T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MB Series
MB 3.2-12-D MBH 03-12D
MB 3.2-12-S MBH 03-12S
MB 3.2-16-D MBH 03-16D
MB 3.2-16-L MBH 03-16L
MB 3.2-16-S MBH 03-16S
MB 4.2-12-D MBH 04-12D
MB 4.2-16-D MBH 04-16D
MB 4.2-16-S MBH 04-16S
MB 5.4-06-S MBH 05-06T
MB 5.4-12-D MBH 05-12D
MB 5.4-14-D MBH 05-14D
MB 5.4-16-S MBH 05-16T
MB 5.4-20-S MBH 05-20T
MB 6.5-11-D MBH 06-11D
MB 6.5-16-S MBH 06-16-T
MB 6.5-20-S MBH 06-20T
MB 7.5-11-D MBH 07-11D
MB 7.5-11-D MBH 07-11D
MBX 3.2-16-S MBHX 03-16S
MBX 4.2-16-D MBHX 04-16D
MBX 4.2-16-S MBX 4.2-16-S
MBX 5.4-12-D MBHX 05-12D
MBX 5.4-16-S MBHX 05-16T
MBX 5.4-20-S MBHX 05-20T
MBX 6.5-16-D MBHX 06-16D
MBX 6.5-16-S MBHX 06-16T
MBX 6.5-20-S MBHX 06-20T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MC Series
MC 05-18 MCH 05-18T
MC 05-24 MCH 05-24T
MC 05-32 MCH 05-32T
MC 06-18 MCH 06-18T
MC 06-24 MCH 06-24T
MC 06-32 MCH 06-32T
MC 08-18 MCH 08-18T
MC 08-24 MCH 08-24T
MC 08-32 MCH 08-32T
MC 1008-12-T MCH 1008-12S
MC 1008-18-A MCH 1008-18S
MC 1008-18-T MCH 1008-18S
MC 10-18 MCH 10-18T
MC 10-20-A MCH 10-20D
MC 10-24 MCH 10-24T
MC 10-24-A MCH 10-24D
MC 10-32 MCH 10-32T
MC 13-12 MCH 13-12T
MC 13-18 MCH 13-18T
MC 13-24 MCH 13-24T
MC 13-32 MCH 13-32T
MC 15-12-A MCH 15-12-30
MCX 08-18 MCHX 08-18T
MCX 08-24 MCHX 08-24T
MCX 10-12 MCHX 10-12T
MCX 10-18 MCHX 10-18T
MCX 10-24 MCHX 10-24T
MCX 13-12 MCHX 13-12T
MCX 15-12-A MCHX 15-12-30
Static Mixers - Sulzer ME Series
ME 05-24 ME 05-24T
ME 05-32 ME 05-32T
ME 06-24 ME 06-24T
ME 06-32 ME 06-32T
ME 06-48 ME 06-48T
ME 08-24 ME 08-24T
ME 08-32 ME 08-32T
ME 1012-0832 ME 1012-0832T
ME 10-24 ME 10-24T
ME 10-32 ME 10-32T
ME 1312-1032 ME 1312-1032T
ME 13-24 ME 13-24T
ME 13-24-L ME 13-24T-02
ME 13-32 ME 13-32T
ME 13-32-L ME 13-32T-02
MEF 06-24 MEF 06-24T
MEF 06-32 MEF 06-32T
MEF 08-24 MEF 08-24T
MEF 08-32 MEF 08-32T
MEF 10-24 MEF 10-24T
MEF 10-32 MEF 10-32T
MEF 13-18 MEF 13-18T
MEF 13-24 MEF 13-24T
MEFX 06-18 MEFX 06-18T
MEFX 08-18 MEFX 08-18T
MEFX 10-18 MEFX 10-18T
MEFX 13-18 MEFX 13-18T
MEFX 13-24 MEFX 13-24T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MF Series
MF 06-18 MFH 06-18T
MF 06-24 MFH 06-24T
MF 06-32 MFH 06-32T
MF 08-18 MFH 08-18T
MF 08-24 MFH 08-24T
MF 08-32 MFH 08-32T
MF 10-18 MFH 10-18T
MF 10-24 MFH 10-24T
MF 10-32 MFH 10-32T
MFX 06-18 MFHX 06-18T
MFX 06-24 MFHX 06-24T
MFX 06-32 MFHX 06-32T
MFX 08-18 MFHX 08-18T
MFX 08-24 MFHX 08-24T
MFX 08-32 MFHX 08-32T
MFX 10-18 MFHX 10-18T
MFX 10-24 MFHX 10-24T
MFX 10-32 MFHX 10-32T
MG 08-06 MGH 08-06S
Static Mixers - Sulzer MR Series
MR 06-12 MSR 06-12T
MR 08-12 MSR 08-12T
MR 10-12 MSR 10-12T
MR 13-12 MSR 13-12T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MS Series
MS 05-24 MS 05-24T
MS 05-32 MS 05-32T
MS 06-24 MS 06-24T
MS 06-32 MS 06-32T
MS 06-48 MS 06-48T
MS 06-56 MS 06-56D
MS 06-56-L MS 06-56-L
MS 08-24 MS 08-24T
MS 08-32 MS 08-32T
MS 1012-0832 MS 1012-0832T
MS 10-18 MS 10-18T
MS 10-24 MS 10-24T
MS 10-32 MS 10-32T
MS 1312-1032 MS 1312-1032T
NEW MS 13-12G
NEW MS 13-18G
MS 13-24 MS 13-24T
MS 13-24-L MS 13-24T-02
MS 13-32 MS 13-32T
MS 13-32-L MS 13-32T-02
MS 13-32-M MS 13-32G-01
Static Mixers - Sulzer MX Series
MX 0517-0413 MAHX 0517-0413
MX 3.0-17-S MAHX 3.0-17-S
MX 4.0-17-S MAHX 04-17S
MX 5.4-17-S MAHX 05-17T

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