How to Choose the Right Static Mix Nozzles

How to Choose the Right Static Mix Nozzles

Disposable mix nozzles are not always the easiest to pick out, not to mention there are thousands of different kinds.  When buying your epoxy nozzles there are different lengths, styles, elements, etc.

Things to keep in mind when buying static mix nozzles:

The Viscosity

  • Thick viscosity needs a larger diameter nozzle
  • Thin viscosity needs a longer/narrower nozzle

Output Required - How much material do you want at once?

  • Certain applications require a large amount, meaning a larger diameter nozzle is necessary
  • There are also applications that require a small amount of adhesive, we offer mix nozzle that you can add a needle to.
Specialty Static Mix Nozzles for Needle attachment

 Mix Ratio of Your Adhesive

  • The ideal mix ration is 1:1, which is classified as a close mix ratio
  • On the other end of the spectrum is 10:1, which is a wide mix ratio
  • For example, 10:1 ratio adhesives can use a specialty nozzle like the Sulzer MFHX, otherwise a longer mix nozzle is required to get the best mix

    Square Mixers?

    • Square mix nozzles also referred to as Turbo or Quadro mix nozzles.
    Quadro Static Mix Nozzles

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