Sulzer Mixpac B System Cartridge and Nozzle Guide

A Little Background on the Sulzer Mixpac B-System Cartridge and Mixer System

Adhesive bonding supports long-lasting, safe reinforcement for mechanical joints, drill holes, and complex structures. Sulzer QUADRO™ technology supports the teams who make these advancements possible.

Stop worrying about leaky chemicals, mixing fatigue, and messy applications. The Sulzar Mixpac B-System mixes up traditional, two-component applications with innovative, new technology for greater precision metering, lower-pressure mixing, and lower waste volume. The B-System is one of the best two-component application systems for manufacturing and construction industries thanks to its fatigue-free, ergonomic design, and industry-leading safety features for the separation and storage of two adhesives or sealants.


The user-friendly MIXPAC™ B-System dispenser is designed to easily adapt to requirements of various dispensing needs. Harness the B-System’s standard two-component double syringe each with 25ml volume and a 1:1 mixing ratio. With interchangeable 50ml and 75ml dispenser cartridges featuring 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 mixing ratios, the B-System dispenser is absolutely (in)dispensable for a wide range of projects.

There’s a time and place to mix and mingle. Thanks to the MIXPAC™ B-System’s patented dispenser interface and rigid design, your components won’t have the chance to mingle until you’re ready to mix. The leak-free dispenser chambers and nozzle connectors completely eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and ensure constant metering so your adhesives can reach their full potential at the ratio you need.


The B-System’s wide range of helical mixer nozzles delivers balanced flow and more accurate application. Choose between different lengths, diameters, and mixing tips for flawless application. Patented QUADRO™ mixing geometry also condenses the mixing process, while doubling formed layers. This means better mixing with a shorter nozzle allowing you to get closer to the products you are bonding. Heralded for its outstanding mixing performance, application, and low-pressure drop: once you go QUADRO™, you’ll never go back.


Sulzer mixing systems are designed with you in mind. The MIXPAC™ B-System is suitable for cartridge-based 2-K applications and professional bonding in a range of industries from transportation and manufacturing, to aerospace and construction. Combine the MIXPAC™’s patented ergonomic design and fast assembly with flexible handling, and it’s hard to say whether you or your B-System will be able to work harder – but we bet it’ll be a close call.

Whether you’re applying adhesive, or designing world-class component applicators – practice makes perfect. That’s why we recommend Sulzer. The company has more than 20 years of experience perfecting their mixing process and high-quality chemical proof PP and PA plastic cartridges. In other words, they’re pros. Just like you. When you purchase a MIXPAC™ B-System, you know you’re getting the industry-leading reliability, durability, and world-class safety features that set Sulzar apart from other mixing systems. 

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