Hot glue gun nozzle guide

The Guide to Choosing a Hot Glue Gun Nozzle

When selecting a glue gun for your project you also need to choose the correct nozzle. The right nozzle is just as important as the glue, and glue gun itself, for completing your project properly. Nozzles come with various hole configurations, some are designed for precision application, some are spray nozzles and some nozzles are designed to spread the glue across a wider area. It is also important to note that glue guns can usually only be paired with nozzles of the same brand. Below we have laid out a complete guide to glue gun nozzles.


2 Hole Glue Gun Nozzle

These nozzles are designed to increase the dispensing of hot melt glue over a wide area. There are several brands available including the PAM Fastening NC-361, Power ASJ015, and the 3M 9913.

3 Hole Glue Gun Nozzle

When you need even wider coverage 3 hole nozzles are available. They have a triple orifice which provides a wide spread of glue. Brands available include the Power ADJ016, and the 3M 9917 1-inch spreader.

5 Hole Glue Gun Nozzle

The 5 hole nozzles provide a precision spread across a wide coverage area. There are two options available, the Surebonder 100SET Glue Gun Nozzle Set which includes the 102 the 5 hole block nozzle, 103F the flat extension nozzle, 103R the round extension nozzle, 103N the needle extension nozzle, 103CS-090 the .090-inch steel cap nozzle and the 101 check valve assembly. Surebonder also offers the 102 5 Hole Ribbon Glue Gun Nozzle separately.

Extension Glue Gun Nozzle

Extension nozzles can be used in various applications, they offer more precision and the ability to apply hot melt glue in areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. The PAM Fastening PA-10-SPN28, for example, is 2.38mm pipe nozzle made with a cooper tip designed to repair hollow spots in hardwood flooring. Also available is the Power ADJ014, which is a precision extension nozzle with a 1.3mm orifice and a 30mm extension tip, it allows users to reach hard to get places and dispense a precise amount of hot melt glue. 3M offers the 9785 Glue Gun Nozzle, which is a .070-inch tapered aluminum extension tip. Ad Tech, also has an extension nozzle available, the 3829 1.5-inch Fluted Extension Nozzle.

High Volume Nozzle

These nozzles are designed to work with high volume flows and high viscosity. Various tip designs are available. Surebonder offers both the 103R Round Extension Nozzle that has a .125-inch orifice, and the 103CS-125, which is a steel nozzle cap with a .125-inch orifice. Available from 3M are the 9729 High Viscosity Nozzle with flow valve, and the 9940 Fluted high viscosity glue gun nozzle with a .125-inch orifice. Ad Tech also offers two options, the 3820 Side Cut with a side angle nozzle and a 1/8-inch orifice, and the 3828 Fluted Nozzle that has a large .125-inch orifice.

L-Type Glue Gun Nozzle

L nozzles work perfectly for packaging applications, as the name suggests, they are shaped like the letter "L." They are designed for full overlap (FOL) cartons. Several options are available including two from Ad Tech, the 3609 L-Type Glue Gun Nozzle and the 3831 L-Type Glue Gun Nozzle. 3M offers the 9727 L-Type Glue Gun Nozzle and adapter. Power Adhesives has the Power ADJ017 L-Type Glue Gun Nozzle.

Precision Glue Gun Nozzle

Various precision nozzles are available in needle point, flat tip and fine point. These nozzles allow you to apply hot melt glue with greater accuracy. They are not high flow and have limited coverage area. Ad Tech has a couple of options available including the 3607 Needle Nose Nozzle that has a 1/8-inch orifice and is a 1/2-inch in length, and the 3619 with a .070-inch orifice. 3M also has several different precision nozzles available including the 9785 .070-inch Tapered Aluminum Extension Glue Gun Nozzle, and the 9922 .063-inch Orifice Fluted Glue Gun Nozzle. PAM Fastening has the 67028 .059-inch Precision Glue Gun Nozzle for fine adhesive application. Surebonder has the 103F Flat Extension Nozzle with a .150-inch wide by .053-inch orifice, and the 103N .08-inch Needle Extension Glue Gun Nozzle. 

Spray Glue Gun Nozzle

Spray nozzles are unique in that they only work with spray glue guns. These glue guns have many uses including assembly and packaging, they can be used with foam and custom pre-cast concrete molds. Spray guns cover large areas, reduce thermal damage to substrates, can be used at any angle, are more accurate than aerosols, have faster instant grab than solvents and are non-hazardous. Power Adhesives has three different spray nozzles available, the Power Narrow Spray Nozzle, the Power Standard Spray Nozzle and the Power Wide Spray Nozzle.

Spreader Glue Gun Nozzle

Spreader nozzles are designed for increased hot melt glue dispensing. They have a large opening at the end of a flat tip to provide a wide coverage area. Ad Tech offers the 3608 Flat Spreader Nozzle with a 1/8-inch orifice and 1/2-inch length. 3M has both the 9777 1/4-inch Slotted Spreader Nozzle and the 9764 3/4-inch Slotted Spreader Nozzle. Power Adhesives has both the Power MDJ007 Slotted Spreader Glue Gun Nozzle, and the Power ADJ012 Spreader Extension Glue Gun Nozzle available. Surebonder offers the 103F Flat Extension Nozzle with a .150-inch wide by .053-inch orifice and a set which includes the 102 5 hole Block Nozzle, 103F Flat Extension Nozzle, 103R Round Extension Nozzle, 103N Needle Extension Nozzle, 103CS-090 the .090-inch Steel Cap Nozzle and the 101 Check Valve Assembly.

Standard Glue Gun Nozzle

Standard nozzles are those that come out of the box with your glue gun. These nozzles are versatile as they can be used for many applications. They do not provide the precision or wide coverage that some of the other nozzles do. Each glue gun manufacturer will provide you with their own standard nozzle.

T-Type Glue Gun Nozzle

T nozzles are similar to spreader nozzles in that they lay down a wide spread of hot melt glue. These nozzles have multiple holes at the end of nozzles that are shaped like the letter "T." Ad Tech has three models available, the 3838 T-Type 2 Hole Spread Nozzle, which is ideal for use on regular slotted (RSC) cartons, the 3834 1-inch T-Type Spreader Nozzle and the 3833 T-Type 3 Hole Spreader Nozzle. 3M has the dual orifice 9726 T-Type Nozzle. Surebonder offers the 6032 T 2-inch or 3-inch Carpet Glue Gun Nozzle, these nozzles lay down a wide bead and are perfect for carpeting applications. The PAM Fastening 67025 19 Hole Spreader Glue Gun Nozzle has 19 holes with 1.5mm openings, it is designed specifically for increasing hot melt dispensing. Power Adhesives offers the Power ADJ018 T-type Nozzle which can be used for fast center flap carton sealing.

Glue gun nozzles are accessory tools that are designed to help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently. Nozzles range from large spread area with high viscosity to spray gun applications, and from low flow precision to L and T styles for specific uses. No matter what nozzle you use, it is important to remember that to avoid damaging your glue gun or nozzle you should never change a glue gun nozzle or filter unless the gun is hot. For more information or help selecting the right glue gun or accessories for your job contact us at

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