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Infinity PUR 50 Gram Complete Kit with Cartridges
Infinity Bond Flex 50 PUR Starter Kit
Sale pricefrom $126.00
Power TEC Bond 213-12 glue sticks
ASI MP 5405NS non sag epoxy adhesive - 50ml
ASI MP 5430 epoxy adhesive 50ml cartridge
ASI MP 5430 General Purpose Epoxy
Sale pricefrom $250.00
ASI MP 55320 methacrylate MMA adhesive 50ml cartridge
Power Adhesives CastTEC 42 precast glue slugs
American Sealants Butyl Silicone Caulk
ASI Butyl Silicone Sealant
Sale price$160.00
ASI MP54100 clear weather resistant epoxy adhesive 50ml cartridge
American Sealants 335 Neutral Cure Silicone
American Sealants 174 Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk
ASI MP 55390 long open time MMA adhesive 50ml cartridge
ASI MP 54421 gap filling epoxy adhesive 50ml cartridge
Granite Countertop Templating Kit

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Infinity SuperTAC 99 Acrylic Construction Grade Glue Stick

Best Hot Melt Glue Stick for Construction: Infinity SuperTAC 99 Acrylic Construction Grade Glue Stick

Infinity SuperTAC 99 is an industrial glue stick made of a unique acrylic formulation allowing it to create a strong, flexible bond to difficult substrates under difficult conditions. SuperTAC 99 is often used for laying carpet tacking strips or hardwood floor, often removing the need for staples, nails or other fasteners.

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Infinity PUR MP75 polyurethane hot melt cartridge

Best Hot Melt PUR for Construction: Infinity PUR MP75 Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Adhesive

The Infinity PUR MP75 is a high performance polyurethane hot melt that bonds to a wide range of substrates. It offers a longer open time - around 75 seconds - giving users ample time to set their substrates or bond larger surfaces before the adhesive sets. MP75 can be used to bond wood, metal, plastics, cement, ceramic and more.

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Infinity EP 100 Clear General Purpose 5-Minute Epoxy

Best Structural Adhesive for Construction: Infinity EP 100 Clear General Purpose 5-Minute Epoxy

The Infinity Bond EP100 is a perfect clear general purpose epoxy adhesive for many typical bonding applications. EP100 is a great choice for construction applications because it is easy to apply, sets up quickly, and is cost-effective.

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American Sealants ASI 504 RTV Silicone

Best Silicone Sealant for Construction: ASI 504 Multi-Purpose RTV Commercial Grade Silicone

ASI 504 is a non-slump sealant making it easy to apply to a vertical or overhead surface without sagging of flowing. ASI 504 is great for general construction, sheet metal work, bathroom installation, gutter sealing, and general construction applications.

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Common Questions About Construction Adhesives

Surface type, curing (drying) time, strength, and application methods are things to consider when choosing an adhesive solution. Consider all aspects of your application before selecting an adhesive for the job. If you still aren't sure, reach out to one of our adhesive experts. 

Construction adhesive is used in drywall applications to help prevent nail pops and to cut down on the number of fasteners needed - while providing a stronger, more durable bond. Also, an adhesive can be used to prevent wall drafts and improve sound deadeding, which fasteners alone don't provide.