3M HoldFast 70 Spray Adhesive in Cylinder

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HoldFast 70 is a versatile, fast-tacking industrial grade spray adhesive with a unique wide-web spray pattern well suited for bonding a variety of construction materials. It requires a short dry time yet provides long open time to perfectly position your materials.

3M HoldFast 70 has the following manufacturer part numbers: 7100138479.

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3M HoldFast 70 Spray Adhesive in Cylinder
3M HoldFast 70 Spray Adhesive in Cylinder Tank
Infinity Spray 770 Industrial Spray Adhesive is Portable Canister
Infinity Spray 770 Industrial Spray Adhesive in Portable Canister
Best Seller
Price $$$$$ $$$$$
Type Spray Adhesives Spray Adhesives
Brand 3M Infinity Bond
Spray Pattern Lace (Web)Web
Tack Time 30 sec - 1 min15 sec - 1 min
Color TranslucentBlue/Green
Size 27.3 lb cylinder40 lb cylinder
Shelf Life 15 months24 months
Data Sheets TDS, SDS TDS, SDS

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