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Common Questions About Spray Adhesives, Cleaners and Lubricants

Spray adhesives are used in thousands of applications around the world. Common applications for spray adhesives include:

  • Automotive and Marine Manufacturing
  • Construction and Housing
  • Furniture and Upholstery Assembly
  • HVAC and Abatement Applications
  • Packaging and Crating
  • Screen Printing
  • Plastic Molding (silicone sprays for mold release)

Yes, has recently introduced a complete line of low VOC aerosol spray adhesives. Below is a quick rundown of low VOC products we currently carry. All of our low VOC spray adhesives are CA and OTC compliant.

California will require certain categories of spray adhesive to meet more restrictive VOC regulations for product made in 2017. 

These products are sold to several different types of customers with different end uses/applications, and different levels of exposure in California.

For small and medium sized distributors in Abatement, Textiles, Mattress, Furniture and Construction markets, the application and amount of business done in CA are important.

Large national manufacturers for general purpose applications will have to decide to sell a 50 state product, not sell in California, or provide two items.

Spray adhesives are used in a wide range of applications and industries. They can be a great option in applications that require bonding a wide surface area. Also, spray adhesives are very easy to dispense, giving them an advantage over two part adhesives or other glues that require expensive dispensing equipment. Because spray adhesives do not need to be heated, they are also very good for sensitive substrates like fabric, foam, wood, etc.

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