About AdTech

AdTech industrial offers a wide range of tried and true glue guns, glue sticks, craft products and accessories. From packaging to product assembly, AdTech has a solution to fit just about every application need. 

Gluegun.com and AdTech have been partners for over 15 years and we are proud to stock and support the entire line of AdTech craft and industrial product. We offer fast shipping and a low price guarantee on all of the AdTech products. 

Top 3 AdTech Glue Guns

  1. AdTech PRO 200 (Best Seller)
  2. AdTech MT500
  3. AdTech HD350

Top 3 AdTech Glue Sticks

  1. AdTech 229 Clear, General Purpose
  2. AdTech 962 Woodworking
  3. AdTech 610 Packaging

Top 3 AdTech Specialty Adhesives

  1. AdTech 700 Polyamide
  2. AdTech 280 Long Open Time
  3. AdTech 501 Plastics