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Are you searching for glue guns? You have arrived at the right place. has the largest online selection of glue gun equipment.

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Hot Glue Guns. offers the largest and most diverse catalogue of glue guns from the most renowned manufacturers around the globe. Our partnership with these premier manufacturers allows us to offer you an extensive selection of brands and styles at the best price. We stand behind all of the guns we sell, so you get excellent service and peace of mind every time you make a shop.

Glue Gun Kits. Have a new project you need to get started? Let us help! offers a whole series of glue gun kits, complete with everything you need to get you going. No matter your project, we can get you started with our extensive series of job-specific kits. Choose from kits for packaging, floral arrangements, golf club customization, countertop templates and many more.

Cartridge Glue Guns. At, we not only carry the highest quality glue guns, but also the largest inventory of glue gun cartridges and accessories. We can help you find just what you need for any dispensing project. Choose from our huge selection of cartridges from the top brands like Nordson, 3M, Sulzer Mixpac, Cox and more. We are always ready and willing to assist you.

Polyurethane Glue Guns. Polyurethane (PUR) is ideal for a wide variety of applications due to its strong, adhesive quality and durability. Polyurethane settles in just five seconds and is often used in woodworking and applications that require fast, tight hold. And because polyurethane is so durable, it will not re-melt, making the perfect material for your project.

Bulk Guns and Modules. Need to customize or streamline your high volume hot melt application? The professionals at can help! We offer a full line of bulk glue gun dispensers and modules from the top names in the business Glenmar, so you get the highest quality products at the most affordable price possible. Contact us for information on volume pricing.

Bulk Tanks and Systems. Using a bulk hot melt dispensing system can help you drastically save on your material and production costs. Making the switch from individual glue sticks or slugs to a bulk hot melt product increases your output and lowers your costs on adhesive product, saving you both time and money. Our experts can walk you through our inventory.

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