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3M 9764 3/4" Slotted Spreader Nozzle for 3755LM Hot Melt

Product Highlights

  • 3M
Nozzle Type:
  • Spreader
Nozzle Type: Slotted Spreader Nozzle - 1 Per Case
SKU: 3M 00-021200-83526-1 | ASC-62-9764-9930-1

About the 3M 9764 Slotted Spreader Hot Glue Gun Nozzle

The 3M 9764 glue gun nozzle was specifically designed for use with the 3755LM hot melt glue sticks allowing users to lay down a 3/4" wide ribbon of hot melt.

  • The 9764 is sold individually (1 per case)
  • 3M UPC # (3M UPC 00-021200-83526-1)

Works with these 3M glue guns:

  • 3M Polygun LT
Contact us with questions about the 3M 9764 glue gun nozzle and for bulk pricing.