3M 7816 White Polyester Gloss Thermal Transfer Label Material

SKU: 3M 7100000217

Manufacturer Part #: 7100000217

Previous Part #: 70000121312

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Product Highlights

  • Type: Accessories
  • Brand: 3M


3M 7816 White Polyester Gloss Thermal Transfer Label Material is a durable polyester label material that offers excellent moisture resistance and thermal stability. This label product utilizes 3M Acrylic Adhesive 310 which is a firm adhesive which resists oozing and provides high strength on a variety of surfaces including high surface energy (HSE) plastics and metals.

 Additional Information & Details

  • 310 adhesive is firmer than 350 adhesive.
  • Topcoated for thermal transfer printing. Resin ribbons are recommended for optimum durability.
  • 55# densified kraft liner assures consistent die cutting.

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