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3M 9203 PG II Heat Shield Repair Kit

Product Highlights

  • 3M
Works With:
  • 3M PG II Glue Gun
Spare Part Type: 3M PG II Heat Shield Repair Kit
SKU: 3M 62-9203-6901-4

 The 3M 9203 is one of the easiest repairs one can make on a 3M PG II pneumatic glue gun.  All you have to do is remove both Phillips screws on each side of the heat shield.  Then remove the Phillips screw on the heat shield right above the loading chamber.  Change to your new heat shield then put 3 screws back in and your good to go!  We recommend the if you have 6-15 PG II glue gun in use you keep at least one 9203 repair kit on hand, if you have 16-20 PG II glue guns operating it's safe to keep 2 always on hand.  

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3M 9203 PG II Heat Shield Repair Kit