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3M 9726 T-Type Glue Gun Nozzle

Product Highlights

  • 3M
Nozzle Type:
  • T Nozzle
Nozzle Type: 3M T-type Nozzle - 3 Per Case
SKU: 3M 00-021200-64542-6

About the 3M 9726 T-Type Hot Glue Gun Nozzle

The 3M 9726 glue gun nozzle is a T-Type nozzle with a dual orifice that works with all of the 3M hot glue guns with the exception of the 3M Polygun AE. 

The 9726 is sold in a pack of 3 nozzles.

3M UPC # (3M UPC 00-021200-64542-6)

Works with these 3M glue guns:

  • 3M PG II
  • 3M EC
  • 3M TC (and w/Quadrack)
  • 3M LT (and w/Quadrack)
Contact us with questions about the 3M 9726 glue gun nozzle and for bulk pricing.