3M D108EZ Clear Polyester Health Care Label Material

SKU: 3M 7100073865

Manufacturer Part #: 7100073865

Previous Part #: 70000222235

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Product Highlights


3M Health Care Label Materials are designed for specific demands in healthcare device labeling. Polypropylene, polyolefin and coated paper facestocks are durable and versatile for challenging applications such as bottles and blood bags. A range of adhesives makes for reliable performance without flagging on small diameter plastic vials, in autoclaves and where tamper evidence is a main concern.

Additional Information & Details

  • Small diameter vials and single unit dose injectables
  • Pharmaceutical labeling and packaging
  • Glass and HDPE
  • Barcode labels and rating plates
  • Property identification and asset labeling
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Variable information printing (VIP)
  • Brand and instruction labels
  • Caution warning labels

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