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Cox Ascot 600 - 20 oz Manual Sausage Gun

Product Highlights

  • Cox
Cartridge Size:
  • 20oz Sausage Pack
Dispensing Type:
  • Manual
Gun Type:
  • 1 Component
  • Sausage
Cartridge Type: 20 oz Sausage Pack
SKU: Cox 51001-2T-Ascot 600

Cox Ascot 600 Cartridge and Sausage Glue Gun Overview

The Cox Ascot 600 is an excellent single component cartridge gun. The Cox Ascot 600 is perfect for dispensing MS polymer, silicone and urethane. Since this sausage gun has a 20 oz capacity it makes it perfect for construction applications as will need to refill less. 

The Ascot 600 comes pre-configured for sausage packs, however there are also plungers for cartridges and bulk (G2) applications. The Cox Ascot 600 has a plunger extension that reduces waste, an interchangeable pull handle, not to mention it comes with 3 yellow cone nozzles, ladder hook and a spanner wrench.

Additional Information

  • Product Type: Single Component
  • Application: Sausage/Cartridge/Bulk
  • Capacity: 10 oz. Cartridge, 10 oz. Sausage, 20 oz. Sausage, Bulk
  • Mix-Ratio(s): non-applicable

Contact us with questions regarding this product or any of the Cox glue guns. 

Features »

Cox Ascot 600 Sausage and Cartridge Gun Features

  • 20 oz. / 10 oz. Sausage, 10.3 oz. Cartridge and Bulk Application
  • Pre-Configured for Sausage Application
  • Plungers Included for Cartridge and Bulk (G2) Applications
  • Mechanical Advantage 26:1
  • Plunger Extension - Reduces Waste
  • Drawn Aluminum Barrel
  • Interchangeable Pull Handle
  • Quick Release End Cap
  • All Component Replaceable Parts
  • Includes Three Yellow Cone Nozzles, Ladder Hook and Spanner Wrench

Resources »

Cox Ascot 600 (51001-2T) Schematic Drawing

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Cox Ascot 600 - 20 oz Manual Sausage Gun

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Cox Ascot 600 - 20 oz Manual Sausage Gun