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Cox Ashford 63007 Single Component Pneumatic Spray Cartridge Gun

Product Highlights

  • Cox
Cartridge Size:
  • 10oz (300mL)
  • 10oz Sausage Pack
  • 20oz Sausage Pack
Dispensing Type:
  • Pneumatic
  • Spray
Gun Type:
  • 1 Component
  • Sausage
SKU: COX 63007-300S

About the Cox Ashford 63007 Pneumatic Spray Cartridge Gun

The Cox Ashford is a single component, pneumatic spray cartridge gun that can be configured in three different ways depending on the adhesive cartridge being dispensed.

  • 10 oz. Sausage Gun - Model 63007-300S
  • 10 oz. Cartridge Gun - Model 63007-300C
  • 20 oz. Sausage Gun - Model 63007-600S

All of these versions are pneumatic with dual flow controls to regulate incoming airflow and the pattern of the bead or spray being applied. The Ashford glue gun comes with a variety of nozzles and has a built in silencer guaranteeing quiet, powerful performance.
Contact us with questions regarding the Cox Ashford glue gun or any of the Cox products.

Additional Information on the Cox Ashford Cartridge Gun

  • Product Type: Single Component
  • Application: Cartridge/Sausage
  • Capacity: 10 oz. Cartridge, 10 oz. Sausage, 20 oz. Sausage
  • Mix-Ratio(s): non-applicable

Specifications »

Cox Ashford 63007 Cartridge Gun Specifications

Cox 63007 Ashford Glue Gun Overview

  • 10 oz. Sausage Version - Model 63007-300S
  • 10 oz. Cartridge Version - Model 63007-300C
  • 20 oz. Sausage Version - Model 63007-600S
  • Spray and Bead Application
  • Dual Flow Controls Regulate Incoming Air Flow and Pattern of Spray
  • Floating Plunger Action with Secure Cord
  • Drawn Aluminum Barrel
  • True Adjustable Air Regulator - 100 PSI Maximum Output
  • 145 PSI Maximum Input
  • Silencer
  • All Component Replaceable Parts
  • 5 Outer Nozzles, 5 Inner Sausage Nozzles, 5 Inner Aluminum Cartridge Nozzles, 5 Inner Plastic Cartridge Nozzles and Air Hose Connector Included

Cox 63007 Ashford Schematic Drawing

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Cox Ashford 63007 Single Component Pneumatic Spray Cartridge Gun