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Cox M200 400mL Dual Component Cartridge Gun

Product Highlights

  • Cox
Cartridge Ratio:
  • 1:1
Cartridge Size:
  • 400mL
Dispensing Type:
  • Manual
Gun Type:
  • 2 Component
Glue Gun Type: 1:1 400mL Manual Cartridge

About the Cox M200 Dual Component Manual Cartridge Gun

The Cox M200 is a manual dual component glue gun that uses 400ml adhesive cartridges. The M200 offers an 18 to 1 mechanical advantage and works well with low viscosity adhesives.

Contact us with questions regarding the Cox M200 glue gun or any of the Cox products.

Additional Information on the Cox M200 Cartridge Gun

  • Product Type: Dual Component
  • Application: Two-Part Cartridge
  • Capacity: 200 ml.
  • Mix-Ratio(s): Dedicated 1:1- 200ml. x 200ml.

Specifications »

Cox M200 Manual Cartridge Gun Specifications

Cox M200 Glue Gun Overview

  • Mechanical Advantage 18:1
  • Wear Compensating Device
  • Catch Plate - Sintered Steel
  • Support Straps - Secure Cartridge Fit
  • Low-High Viscosity Materials
  • All Component Replaceable Parts

Cox M200 User Guide

Cox M200 Schematic Drawing