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Cox Volten 300 Light 82010-L Battery Powered Cartridge Gun

Product Highlights

  • Cox
Cartridge Size:
  • 10oz (300mL)
Dispensing Type:
  • Battery Powered
Gun Type:
  • 1 Component
Glue Gun Type: Battery Powered Cartridge Gun
SKU: COX 82010-Volten

About the Cox Volten 300 Light 82010-L Cartridge Gun

The Cox 82010 Volten 300 is a battery powered glue gun that takes standard 10.3oz adhesive cartridges. The Volten glue gun has variable speed control and can deliver a maximum force of 475lbs. 

The powerful 14.4 Volt NiMh battery pack gives a 1 hour fast charge. One battery and one charger are included with the glue gun. 

Contact us with questions regarding the Cox 82010 Volten 300 glue gun or any of the Cox products.

Additional Information on the Cox 300 82010-L Cartridge Gun

  • Product Type: Single Component
  • Application: Cartridge
  • Capacity: 10 oz. Cartridge
  • Mix-Ratio(s): non-applicable

Specifications »

Cox Volten 300 (82010-L) Cartridge Gun Specifications

Cox Volten 300 Glue Gun Overview

  • Standard 10.3oz. Cartridge
  • Powered by 14.4 Volt NiMh Battery Pack
  • Maximum Force 745 lbs.
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Battery Charger and One Battery Included
  • One-Hour Fast Charge
  • All Component Replaceable Parts
  • Battery Part #82001
  • Charger Part #82002

Cox Volten 300 User Guide

Cox Volten 300 Schematics

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Cox Volten 300 Light 82010-L Battery Powered Cartridge Gun