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Golf Club Hosel Customization Kit

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  • Golf Club Customization
Golf Club Customization Kit: Bulk Glue Gun, 3" Hosel Nozzle & 5lbs Golf Weighting PSA

We are all about improving swings our golf swing so we like to help the people who improve others. Golf customization experts worldwide have been using our Golf Club Hosel Customization Kit with great success. The Golf Club Customization Kit includes a bulk hot melt hand gun with 3 inch hosel nozzle and 5 pounds of a bulk pressure sensitive hot melt that has been formulated specifically for golf club weighting.  Our specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive ensures that the adhesive used to weight the clubs will not break, crack or rattle around inside the club.

Kit Includes:

  • Bulk Glue Gun with 5 Ounce Melt Tank
  • 3 Inch Glue Gun Hosel Nozzle
  • 5 lbs of Specialty Permanent Pressure Sensitive Bulk Hot Melt

If you have any additional questions about the our Golf Club Customization Kit, please give us a call (855)437-7700.