Replacement for Nordson 1:1 250ml PP u-TAH Cartridge System


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The Infinity Bond 1:1 300ml Polypropylene Tube Cartridge is a replacement for the Nordson 1:1 250ml PP u-TAH Cartridge System. It is a versatile and efficient solution for all your bonding needs. Designed to fit 1/10 gallon caulk guns, this universal cartridge eliminates the need for a special 2-component dispenser, offering convenience and compatibility. With its 1:1 on-ratio dispensing, achieving optimal mixing ratios is effortless. Preassembled and 100% air tested, it ensures trouble-free filling and reliable performance.

Its eco-friendly design minimizes waste, while the easily resealable feature allows for convenient storage and reuse. Compatible with both standard and integral nut mixers, the Infinity Bond replacement for the Nordson 1:1 250ml PP u-TAH Cartridge System will power you to tackle various projects with ease.


 Ratio 1:1
Material Polypropylene
Color White
Size 300ml
System C-System

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