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Infinity Bond EasyMelt Pneumatic Benchtop Hot Melt Tank with Foot Pedal

Product Highlights

  • Hands Free Hot Melt Dispensing with Foot Pedal
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Built In Shot-Timer
  • Pneumatic "Stress Free" Dispensing
  • Bead or Dot Extrusion

Temperature: High
Temperature: Low
Temperature: Variable
$1,440.00 On Sale
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Overview of the Infinity Bond EasyMelt Bench Top Pneumatic Bulk Hot Melt Tank with Foot Pedal

Use the Infinity Bond EasyMelt bench top hot melt unit for a wide range of applications like product assembly, packaging and any application that requires hands-free dispensing

The Infinity Bond EasyMelt bulk hot melt tank allows for simple, low cost and hands-free dispensing of almost any bulk hot melt adhesive. The EasyMelt is a complete system and includes a bulk tank, foot pedal, variety of nozzles, built-in shot timer, and more. 

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Features of the Infinity Bond EasyMelt System

Shot Timer

The built-in shot time allows for a timed amount of hot melt to be dispensed every time the foot pedal is pushed. This means users can provide the same, repeatable amount of hot melt adhesive every time. The shot time can also be disengaged for manual dispensing if the application calls for it.

Temperature Control

An easy to use control switch provides an easy to change variable temperature adjustment to the EasyMelt tank. Temperature adjustment can be anywhere from 120-430F (50-220C).


This complete system is the easiest and most cost-effective benchtop hot melt dispensing system anywhere. It provides standard 120V power and includes everything you need to be dispensing hot melt hands-free in minutes. Simply connect the EasyMelt unit to any standard air compressor and away you go.

System Includes:

  • Bulk Hot Melt Tank (1.5 Liter)
  • Foot Pedal and Connector
  • 3 Nozzle Types (Varying Orifice Sizes)
  • Built-in Shot Timer
  • Adjustable Temperature Control


Specs »
Dispensing TypeExtrusion and Dot
Power600 Watt
Tank Capacity1.5 Liter
Melt Rate6 LBs Per Hour
Dispensing Temperature120-430F (50-220C)
DimensionsLength 15" Width 15" Height 20"
Weight30 LBs
Max Pressure (cps)20,000 cps

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Infinity Bond EasyMelt Pneumatic Benchtop Hot Melt Tank with Foot Pedal

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Infinity Bond EasyMelt Pneumatic Benchtop Hot Melt Tank with Foot Pedal