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Nordson TAH 600mL Manual Cartridge Gun

Product Highlights

  • TAH Nordson
Cartridge Ratio:
  • 1:1
Cartridge Size:
  • 600mL
Dispensing Type:
  • Manual
Gun Type:
  • 2 Component
Gun Type: 600ml 1:1 Manual Cartridge Gun
SKU: 7029677 (DK-360-01)

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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The 600ml gun is the largest of Nordson's two component manual cartridge guns offering the durability you have come to expect for the Nordson brand. This cartridge gun dispenses at a 1:1 ratio and has a quick active brake release to minimize adhesive drip.

Previously sold as sky 7703189 which has been discontinued and replaced with sku 7029677

Note: Also available in 200ml and 400ml sizes.


Nordson TAH 600mL Manual Dispenser Features
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Minimum “After Drool”:  High volume air release
  • Indicator Rod: Indicates volume left in cartridge
  • Convenient Flow Rate Control: Thumb adjustment of air pressure


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Nordson TAH 600mL Manual Cartridge Gun

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Nordson TAH 600mL Manual Cartridge Gun