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SikaFast-3121 is a 10:1 two part structural adhesive designed to substitute or complement welding, riveting, clinching and other mechanical fastening techniques used in the manufacture of transportation vehicles.

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SikaFast 3121
SikaFast 3121 Acrylic Adhesive
MMA 420 Toughened Impact Resistant MMA Adhesive - 5 Minute Open Time
MMA 420 Toughened Impact Resistant MMA Adhesive - 5 Minute Open Time
Best Seller
Price $$$$$ $$$$$
Type Methacrylate (MMA) Methacrylate (MMA)
Brand Sika Infinity Bond
Mix Ratio 10:110:1
Work Life 2 - 5 minutes3 - 7 minutes
Handling Strength 10 - 15 minutes10 - 15 minutes
Color Dark GrayCream
Size 50ml
Shelf Life 12 months12 months

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