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Steinel HG 2300EM Heat Gun with Electronic Thermocouple Control

Product Highlights

  • Steinel
Heat Gun: HG 2300EM

About the Steinel HG 2300EM Heat Gun

The HG 2300EM heat gun from Steinel has an easy to use design, adjustable temperature and airflow control, which ensures a perfect job every time. This heat gun is ultra quiet, has a fast heat-up and thermocouple control that allows you to reduce air to a pinpoint! The module construction of the HG 2300EM makes it easy to repair, both the power cord and heating element can be changed while it's out on a job. 

Additional Information

  • Ergonomic heat gun with electronic thermocouple control
  • Fully electronic temperature and airflow control
  • High-performance, long life brushless motor
  • Barrel shape for optimum stationary use
  • Continuously adjustable airflow and temperature
  • Easy-to-change heating element and power cord