Infinity Melt InfinityPack Glue Stick Review


InfinityPack is a premium low cost packaging hot melt. This new hot melt from Infinity is sure to give the industry some competition. We have been using them in house for our shipping and haven't noticed any major difference. We are getting our first stocking order in Friday or early next week. :) 


Type: EVA
Application Temperature: 340°F -375°F 
Viscosity @ 350°F: 4,000 cps
Softening Point: 215°F 
Open Time: Fast
Color: Light Amber
Form: 1/2” & 5/8"
Shelf Life: Indefinite

Suggested Application:


Comparable Products:

If you aren't sure about purchasing InfinityPack, contact us and we can send samples and quote you bulk pricing!

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