A Deep Dive into Structural Adhesives

Structural adhesives are specially formulated to have enhanced load-bearing qualities and offer exceptional strength. It’s stiffer than other kinds of adhesives and is able to bond irregular surfaces and unprimed substrates better than other adhesives. The three most common types are epoxy, acrylic, and urethane. 

Epoxy Work Life - Choosing the Perfect Cure Time

When considering which type of epoxy to choose, several obvious questions come to mind. Your first question is probably, “what substrates does it bond best?” Your next question likely tackles what environmental conditions your epoxy can withstand. But before you commit to an epoxy, don’t forget to consider the work-life.

Guide to 3M Industrial Adhesive Families

We have learned from our last article that a structural adhesive, according to 3M, is one that can create a bond with at least 1,000 psi of overlap...

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a 3M Epoxy Adhesive

If you’re a hobbyist, engineer or product designer – or you work any of the thousands of jobs that require using a high strength epoxy adhesive – w...