3M Acrylic Adhesives

3M Structural Acrylic AdhesivesWhen it comes to industries such as transportation, plastics assembly, sporting goods, metalworking, signage, and other related industries, 3M Acrylic Adhesives are the ingredient that will hold it all together. These industries require the assembly and bonding of important and heavy duty equipment. With a job like that, you should only use a trusted name when it comes to structural adhesives. 3M Acrylic Adhesives come in four different types:

  • 3M DP8405NS Structural Acrylic Adhesive - Compared to other brands, this structural acrylic adhesive has a higher impact strength than most. Due to the higher impact strength, this product will assist in yielding good, strong quality products. When it comes to those heavy duty projects, have no fear, DP8405NS has got your back.
  • 3M DP8810NS Low Odor Structural Acrylic Adhesive - As well as providing a longer working time, this structural adhesive will take the stink out of the project. Its low odor will prove to be more pleasant than some of its counterparts; but don't let this fool you, it doesn't take away from its fast rate of strength build.
  • 3M DP8410NS Structural Acrylic Adhesive - This acrylic adhesive is very similar to DP8405NS, other than the fact that its working life is extended. Just like its brothers and sisters, this sibling offers a higher impact strength and a fast rate of strength build.
  • 3M DP8805NS Low Odor Structural Acrylic Adhesive - If you are looking to get all the benefits in one product, this is your guy! While its low odor will be pleasant to work with, in less than 9 minutes, its overlap shear strength of 1,000 psi will be reached. This product features the option of heat accelerated cure or fast curing.

All of these structural acrylic adhesives are ready to handle the assembly of industrial products; because that is what they do, and they do it well. Here are some ideas of how these 3M products can be of use in various industries:

Applications for 3M Structural Acrylic Adhesives

  • Transportation - This industry could include any number of areas, such as rail, trucks, buses, marine, or heavy equipment. 3M structural acrylic adhesives are used for front end assembly and frame, floor and exterior bonding.
  • Metalworking - This includes a wide range of fields, including but not limited to, HVAC, metal fabrication and signage. Frame bonding, panel to frame bonding and trim bonding all use 3M adhesives to complete their assembly.
  • Plastics Assembly - 3M structural acrylic adhesives are used in engineered plastics, such as PVC piping and polycarbonate.
  • Sporting Goods - Are you thinking, "How could this product be used on bats, balls, equipment?" Structural acrylic adhesives might not fit that card, but they are used for small joint and tube assembly, as well as frame bonding.

While this gives you some ideas of the uses and benefits of 3M Acrylic Adhesives, please know that the buck doesn't stop here. There are other industries that use the products in their assembly and production and there are many other benefits to the structural acrylic adhesives.

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