Power Adhesives TEC Bond 267 Adhesive Review

Power Adhesives TEC Bond 267 Overview

TECBOND 267-43 is a power adhesive with outstanding properties. It is specially formulated for bonding Polyolefin plastics. Bonds can be created on polyethylene, polypropylene, rigid PVC, nylon, light gauge metals and polystyrene. The features of the TECBOND 267-43 make it particularly useful for applications requiring a wide useful temperature range.

The higher the application temperature, the stronger the bond. The best bonds are formed at the highest temperatures that are possible. The TECBOND 267-43 is applied at 350° to 420° F. It has the highest heat resistance within the shaped Power product line up. The bonds are able to withstand temperatures as high as 230°F and as low as -22°F. All bonds should be tested at a minimum of 24 hours after assembly.

Know how to properly handle and store TECBOND 267-43 hot melt glue slugs. TECBOND 267-43 gun slugs are only available in 1 ¾ ̎ gun slugs. There are approximately 8 sticks per lb. and each carton weighs in at 22 lbs. Keep packages out of direct sunlight and in dry areas within a temperature range of 41°and 86°F. The TECBOND hot melt glue slugs are appropriate for Power Adhesives TEC 3200 (discontinued), 3400, 6100, 7100 and PAM HB700 Extrusion.

Customers can expect TECBOND 267-43 to be a high performing adhesive with high heat resistance and a medium open time. It is generally used as a product assembly adhesive. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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