3M Adhesive for Concrete Repair

Don't Settle for Cement Cracks - Fix it with 3M Adhesives and Sealants

Standing on a mountain - or on a sidewalk – and you might be tempted to forget that stone isn’t as immovable and indestructible as it seems. Any trip down any major highway will reveal what water and weather damage can do to asphalt after just one rainy season or one harsh winter. It’s no surprise that concrete, while strong, also needs constant repairs. As one of the most ubiquitous building materials on the market, that means there’s a higher volume of concrete structures withstanding the test of time – and a lot more cracks and chips for you to repair.

Where To Use It

When you need to fill spalls in your concrete floor, we know getting the project done quickly and correctly is a priority. If foot traffic relies on your repair area, this is especially important. Normally the process can be somewhat arduous. Until you call a professional, or mix new concrete (and wait for it to set) yourself, fixing a crack can become a multi-day ordeal. Enter 3M Concrete Repair. Already a trusted name in the maintenance and repair industry, 3M offers quick-setting, self-leveling urethane mending solutions that take the hassle out of nature’s reminder that nothing lasts forever. 

What To Use

Our favorite is the DP600, which sets in as few as five minutes. And we do mean set because can drive a truck over the repair area with no fear of sagging or separating as soon as it’s dried. The urethane solution also expands and contracts so that your repair lasts longer than if you had used traditional concrete to refill the area. In other words, 3M’s DP600 is a once and done solution.

Application is quick and easy. Simply clean the area that needs to be filled by removing any excess debris or concrete pieces. 3M’s Concrete Repair can fill any depth, so as long as the area is dry and grease-free, you will have no problem with the repair work. Next, start filling the crack from the deepest to the shallowest repair area. Overfill the hole slightly so the urethane can self-level to perfection, wait until it sets, and then feel free to sand away rough edges. Within one hour, you can paint or glaze the area and you’ll be back in business in no time.

Other great applications for the solution include setting anchors or light-duty threading. Whether you’re a professional contractor, or just looking to take care of in-house maintenance, 3M’s Concrete Repair is a reliable way to get natural wear and tear under control.

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