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What to Expect from Your Favorite Super Glues

What to Expect from Your Favorite Super Glues

For quick repairs, tears, and breaks superglue is the one tool that will save your sanity and your wallet. Whether you’re a commercial contractor, or fixing loose ends around your home, super glue is a versatile, easy-to-use adhesive that gets tough jobs done quickly. Choosing superglue that fits your needs is easy, but we’re making it easier with this fast (drying) factsheet. 


Low Viscosity Super Glue: Low viscosity glue easily flows onto your substrate surface area, delivering a near seamless bond. It is ideal for areas where you need tight alignment or aesthetic perfection. Loctite 401 Prism Cyanoacrylate Low Viscosity Super Glue is a “general purpose” rated superglue that gives you the benefits of a low viscosity flow with a fast, 15-second fixture time so you aren’t poking and prodding your bond area to see if your elements have stuck together.

High Viscosity Super Glue: Avoid drips, fill gaps, or add dimension using high viscosity superglue. Loctite’s 411 Prism Toughened Cyanoacrylate High Viscosity Super Glue serves as the 401 Prism’s counterpart with a similarly fast, 30-second fixture time. This high viscosity glue is also a toughened adhesive, creating particularly strong bonds that are resistant to impact, vibration, and elemental wear and tear. 


No-Sag Super Glue: No-sag superglue provides an even more rigid structure, which is best for porous materials and difficult bonding surfaces, such as non-sensitive substrates. Glues such as the Loctite Prism 454 Cyanoacrylate No-Sag Super Glue give you a leg up when you’re trying to reduce porosity or fill watertight cracks. Although these glues sometimes take a little longer to fix – think: 15 minutes for the Prism 454 – the bond will hold its form and offer a unique support that takes gluing one step farther. 

Wicking Viscosity Superglue: It’s no secret that the wicking power of your glue supports tougher bonds and greater control on uneven surfaces by drawing into the substrates’ surfaces. Wicking glues are best for dry environmental conditions and rubber or plastic surfaces, and can create an unparalleled bond if applied in the right conditions. Our favorite is the Loctite 406 Prism Cyanoacrylate Wicking Viscosity Super Glue.

Low Bloom Super Glue: If you love the power of cyanoacrylate glues, but are tired of glue rings and chalky glue edges, try glue like the Loctite 403 Cyanoacrylate Low Odor, Low Bloom Super Glue. The low bloom formula reduces the hazy glue residue that can form around bonded edges. This low bloom glue not only looks great, but the low odor formula makes it easier to use for interior applications where ventilation may be lower. 

Although most all-purpose super glues offer similar strength and fixture time, everyone ends up having a preference… and once you choose your favorite all-purpose super glue, you’ll be stuck on its ease and versatility for good.