Purely PUR: An Overview of PUR Adhesive Technology

Reactive polyurethanes – or PUR adhesives – hit the market close to a decade ago and have transformed the adhesive industry. PUR’s abbreviated moniker is PURfect for these ultra pure adhesives. Created without the use of animal byproduct or formaldehyde, PUR adhesives champion science’s ability to enhance existing elements for (literally) purer and cleaner alternatives. PUR adhesives are also stronger than many of their predecessors and are favored for their tackiness, flexibility, bond strength, ability to unite unlike substrates, and long shelf life. Many artisans prefer PUR products in the bookbinding, woodworking, packaging and electronics industries to name a few.

Putting PUR to Work

But what makes PUR adhesives special? Thanks to their unique synthetic makeup, PUR products tend to be more expensive than traditional hot melt adhesives. PUR hot melts are also applied in much the same way you would expect to apply traditional adhesives. PUR Glue Guns such as the 3M PUR 250 Polyurethane Glue Gun or Titebond 1361 HiPURformer PUR Glue Gun deliver the adhesive from their nozzle at a variety of temperatures, the melt cools, and you’re in business.

The real magic happens after application. PUR adhesives draw moisture from the air and substrates to create a substantially stronger bond. PUR’s unique ability to wick moisture from its surroundings gives the adhesive greater flexibility and durability. PUR products can also bond unlike surfaces and deliver superior results under a variety of temperatures or conditions. These tighter bonds are especially useful in the woodworking and bookbinding industries and many factories and craftsman now list PUR products as their adhesive of choice.

What Are You Waiting For?

The only real drawback – if it can be called that – of PUR glues is the longer, 24-hour curing time. Although PUR adhesives become tacky shortly after application (the same way you would expect a traditional hot melt to behave), maximum strength can’t be accelerated as the glue wicks moisture away. For this reason, you might need to wait a little longer for your finished product – but the bond will be worth the wait.  For this same reason, it’s important to keep PUR glues in an airtight container prior to application because contact with the air can interfere with the adhesive’s properties.

Aside from your cure time, there’s no reason to wait. PUR technology can take your adhesive projects to the next level, adding new strength and agility to your work. Because we know you won’t settle for anything less than purely the best.

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