All about MS Polymers Adhesive Sealant

We are pleased to have American Sealants, Inc. MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant in our inventory. This sealant is able to bond to a variety of substrates. MS Polymer sealant is similar to silicone sealant, except it contains no solvents or isocyanates. ASI 57 MS Polymer sealant is great for many applications, but is most commonly used in assembling buses, cars, trailers, etc.

Benefits of MS Polymers Silicone Adhesive Sealant

  • Adhesion: Excellent bonding to a wide array of substrates like aluminum, steel, brass, glass, mortar, granite, etc.
  • Weather Resistant: UV, humidity, temperature changes
  • High-quality Mechanical Property: Wide temperature range -75°F to up to 400°F for short periods
  • Non-Staining: No staining or yellowing over years, not even on sensitive materials like marble or stone
  • Paintable: Most paints will easily cover adhesive sealant
  • Universal: Perfect for a wide variety of applications & substrates
  • Easy Handling: Extruded from cartridges, can be applied in almost all weather conditions both cold & warm.
  • Environmental: No solvents or isocyanates

MS Polymers Applications

Transportation: MS Polymers are commonly used in the production of vehicles, buses, caravans, trailers, etc. Generally, used where floors, panels and prefabricated pieces like lights, dashboards are bonded together.

Construction: MS Sealant is easy to use making it great for the construction industry. Commonly, used to connect panels and stone plates, window frame waterproofing and the seals allow for movement. MS sealant is great for many other application in buildings.

Industrial: MS Polymer sealant works well for air conditioning equipment, pre-fabricated structures, basic maintenance and more.

DIY: MS Polymer sealant can be used on nearly all substrates and is great for do it yourself applications.

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