Adhesive Strength Test - Plastic Bonders

Choosing a plastic-bonding adhesive is no easy task. Plastic substrates are notoriously difficult to bond. To make the process easier for you, we tested two well known plastic bonding adhesives: J-B Weld Plastic Bonder and Infinity Bond MMA 500.

About JB Weld Plastic Bonder

J-B Weld Plastic Bonder is a quick-setting, two-part, urethane adhesive system that provides strong, lasting repairs. It even bonds many metals and concrete. Plastic Bonder has a simple 1:1 mixing ratio and sets in only 15 minutes. 

About Infinity Bond MMA 500

Infinity Bond MMA 500 is a very unique two-part adhesive that bonds difficult plastics like Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) better than almost anything on the market. Infinity Bond MMA 500 is a 1:1 two part adhesive that requires a cartridge gun and static mixer for dispensing. Like most MMA adhesives, little to no surfaces prep is required before applying the adhesive. It has a 4-5 minute open time and will create a permanent bond with chemical adhesion even to difficult plastics. 

Strength Test

In this strength test polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and aluminum samples were tested. Two 3x1 inch strips were used to create 2 samples for each adhesive. The adhesive was applied to a 1x1 inch area for continuity. Samples were allowed to set for 24 hours. 

Our lab utilizes the Universal Testing Machine to measure peel strength, shear strength as well as tensile stress of an adhesive sample. For purpose of this comparison, the tensile stress that each adhesive could withstand was measured. The comparison values are measured in kilograms of force (kgf). The clamps were used to secure a sample from each side, and were secured by tightening the bolts attached. The machine was then instructed to apply a force in the vertical direction. 

Substrates Tested

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Aluminum

Adhesives Tested

Complete Substrate Failure - MMA 500 Aluminum to Polypropylene Sample


The force that each adhesive could withstand before failure was measured and recorded. The results of each adhesive sample and the force that it was able to withstand are shown below. 

Substrate Infinity Bond MMA 500 J-B Weld Plastic Bonder
PVC to PVC 492.975 493.425
PP to PP 28.915 2.915
Aluminum to PP 296.77

Winner: Infinity Bond MMA 500

The results show that Infinity Bond MMA 500 is a better overall plastic bonding adhesive than J-B Weld Plastic Bonder. While the results for the PVC samples were quite similar, the results for the PP to PP and aluminum to PP samples were considerably better for MMA 500.

Adhesive Strength Test - PVC Substrates, Infinity Bond MMA 500 and JB Weld Plastic Bonder

Final Thoughts

Plastic bonding is notoriously difficult and you should always thoroughly test any adhesive with your specific substrates. If you would like a personalized product recommendation or would like to have samples tested in our lab, please feel free to contact us

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