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Reka TR 700 Glue Gun Review - PUR Cartridge Dispensing

Reka TR 700 Glue Gun Review - PUR Cartridge Dispensing

An Introduction to the Reka TR 700 Glue Gun

Reka Klebetechnik has been a world-recognized manufacturer of hand-operated hot melt adhesive glue guns and applicators since 1977. The company is located in Eggenstein, Germany, and exports products to more than 70 countries across the globe. Reka manufacturers a wide range of glue guns, including manual, pneumatic, spray, and bulk hot melt glue guns. They also produce a range of accessories for their glue guns, making the amount of application patterns even greater with the use of an adapter. For this reason, Reka glue guns are ideal for a wide range of applications across a great number of industries.

TR 700 Pneumatic Glue Gun now offers Reka's TR 700 Pneumatic Glue Gun. The TR 700 features replaceable 310 ml aluminum cartridges that dispense PUR hot melt adhesive in dots, beads, and other nozzle-dispense forms. It features an operating temperature of 120˚C, and its lightweight makes it ideal for light-industrial applications in industries like packaging, assembly, and installation. The TR 700 also features a thermostat for optimal temperature control, and is warmed-up and ready to go in just between 3-10 minutes. An electrical chord accompanies the gun, which operates at 400 Watts.

Additional Benefits

The TR 700 from Reka is a pneumatic glue gun, which means it operates by dispersing hot melt using air pressure. This increases the work speed of the gun, which in-turn increases your production rate and decreases lost production time and expenses. Pneumatic dispensing also simplifies exact dosing, increasing the precision of the gun, and saving you both time and money. The ease of switching out the aluminum cartridges also increases your production time. There is also an optional cartridge pre-heater KVG, which begins heating glue before you use it, making the gun's output rate even faster.

The professionals at are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the TR-700 from Reka. They are knowledgeable and experienced in using this equipment, and can provide you with information regarding industrial applications, available or recommended accessories, and even compare the TR-700 with some similar models from various manufacturers. Call us today at  855-437-7700.