Reka TR 700 PUR Adhesive Cartridge Gun


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Reka TR 700 PUR Gun Overview

The Reka TR 700 is an incredibly unique adhesive glue gun allowing for effortless dispensing of polyurethane (PUR) adhesive cartridges. This gun extrudes PUR in bead form and uses air assisted pneumatic dispensing for precise dispensing in beads or lines. 

The TR 700 PUR gun dispenses at 250 degrees F (120 C) and can be adjusted with a thermostat. PUR adhesives are dispensed from their metal cartridges and brought up to heat inside of the gun. A PUR preheater can be used to increase the output of the adhesive dispensing for high volume applications. 

TR 700 PUR cartridges can be swapped effortlessly. The optional cartridge pre-heater warms up the glue prior to use and increases the potential glue produced per hour. The TR 700 is light in weight and features a stable design.

Spec Sheet

Reka TR 700 Specifications

  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Power Supply: 120 V
  • Temperature Control: Thermostat
  • Operating Temp: 250 F
  • Gun Type: Pneumatic

Nozzles for TR 700 - Download Spec Sheet Here

  • Part 1143: 1.9mm Nozzle
  • Part 3504: 1.5mm Nozzle
  • Part 3208: 1mm Nozzle
  • Part 3240: 1.5mm Nozzle
  • Part 3135: Threaded Cap
  • Part 3205: 1.9mm Nozzle
  • Part 3206 2.5mm Nozzle
  • Part 3207: 3mm Nozzle
  • Part 3502: 4mm Nozzle Insert
  • Part 3531: 5.5mm X 1.5mm Nozzle Insert
  • Part 3503: 4mm Nozzle Insert
  • Part 3509: 1.5mm Injection Needle
  • Part 3670: 1.5mm 2 Hole Nozzle
  • Part 3671: 1.5mm 3 Hole Nozzle
  • Part 3679: 1mm 5 Hole Nozzle
  • Part 3676: 3mm Extension Nozzle
  • Part 3677: 1.2mm Needle Jet
  • Part 3902: 1.75mm Pointed Nozzle
  • Part 3903: 1mm No 1 Nozzle
  • Part 3909: 1.75mm No 2 Nozzle
  • Part 3904: 2.5mm No 3 Nozzle
  • Part 3716: 18mm X .5mm Slit Nozzle
  • Part: 2741: 10mm X .5mm Slit Nozzle

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